Napier Harbour Board Act 1878

Napier Harbour Board Act 1878

Local Act1878 No 39
Date of assent29 October 1878

An Act to vest certain Lands in the Napier Harbour Board.

BE IT ENACTED by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1 Short Title
  • The Short Title of this Act shall be The Napier Harbour Board Act 1878.

2 Lands vested in Napier Harbour Board
  • The lands described in the Schedule hereunder written shall, from and after the passing of this Act, vest for an estate in fee-simple, free from incumbrances, without any conveyance, in the Napier Harbour Board and their successors, for the use and benefit of the Harbour of Napier, and shall be held by the said Board upon the trusts, for the purposes, and with the powers expressed or implied in The Napier Harbour Board Act 1875 [Repealed]


Description, excluding the road to the bridge
  • All that parcel of land containing one (1) acre one (1) rood and twelve (12) perches, more or less, situated in the Town of Napier, being Town Sections Nos 543, 542, 541, 540, and part of Sections Nos 539 and 538. Bounded on the North by Waghorne Street, 230 links; towards the East by Wright Street, 403 links; towards the South by the Port Ahuriri Lagoon, 286 links and 211 links; and towards the West by a street, 335 links: be all the aforesaid dimensions more or less.

Description, excluding Wellesley Road and the railway line
  • All that parcel of land situate in the Provincial District of Hawke's Bay, containing by admeasurement one (1) acre one (1) rood and thirty-one (31) perches, more or less, being a portion of the inner harbour in the Town of Napier. Bounded towards the North by the Hyderabad Road, 492 1/2 links, bearing 58° 33′; by Carlyle Street, 190 links, bearing 71° and by Wellesley Road, 603 links, bearing 103° thence on the South by Railway Reserve, 1202 links, bearing 81° 14′: as the same is delineated on the plan deposited in the Survey Office, Napier.