Auckland Girls' High School Act 1878

Auckland Girls' High School Act 1878

Local Act1878 No 55
Date of assent1 November 1878

An Act to provide for the Establishment and Management of a Girls' High School in Auckland.

BE IT ENACTED by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1 Short Title
  • The Short Title of this Act shall be The Auckland Girls' High School Act 1878.

2 Education Board of Auckland to have administration of Act
  • The Education Board of the District of Auckland constituted under The Education Act 1877 (hereinafter called the Board), shall be charged with the administration of this Act.

3 Board to establish a Girls' High School
  • As soon as conveniently may be after the passing of this Act, Board the Board shall establish and maintain a public school in the Borough of Auckland, to be called the Auckland Girls' High School.

4 Board to have control of school
  • The Board shall have the whole control and management of the said school, and shall have full power to dismiss all masters, mistresses, teachers, and other officers and servants for the management of the said school, and also the entire management and superintendence over all the affairs, concerns, and property thereof.

    The Board shall also have full power from time to time to make by-laws and regulations for defining the course of study and education on secular subjects in the said school, and also for the discipline and examination of the same, the conditions upon which scholars shall be admitted, and the fees to be paid in respect of such admission, and in general touching all other matters, purposes, and things regarding the said school.

5 Part of reserves for education to be granted to Board
  • Out of any reserves set apart for education in the Education District of Auckland, the Governor may grant any land not exceeding in value [ten thousand dollars] to the Board, free from all charges or incumbrances as an endowment for the said school, such value to be ascertained by the Land Board of the Auckland Land District.

    The expression ten thousand dollars was substituted, as from 10 July 1967, for the expression five thousand pounds pursuant to section 7(1) Decimal Currency Act 1964 (1964 No 27).

6 Power to deal with lease lands vested in Board
  • The Board shall have power to manage and deal with all lands that may be vested in them by virtue of this Act for the purposes of an endowment in such manner as they may see fit, and from time to time may let the same or any part thereof for any term not exceeding twenty-one years from the time when such lease shall be made, at such rent and on such terms and conditions as they shall think fit.

    Every such lease shall be put up to public competition by auction or tender, of which one month's previous notice shall have been given by public advertisement in some newspaper circulating in the district in which the land about to be leased shall be situated; but no fine, premium, or foregift shall be taken by the Board in respect of any such lease.

7 Real or personal estate, purchased or acquired by the Board, how to be held
  • All real and personal estate which may be purchased by, or granted, devised, bequeathed, or given to, the Board for the benefit of the said school, without any trust of a different nature being expressed, shall be held by the Board for the general purposes of this Act.

8 Proceeds of rents and other income, how to be applied
  • The rents, profits, and annual income of all real and personal estate which may be vested in the Board, together with all funds which may from time to time be derived from fees or payments made in respect of scholars or students attending the said High School, shall be applied by them for the maintenance of the said High School at Auckland, and the payment of all salaries and expenses connected therewith, and for prizes, exhibitions, and scholarships for the students therein

9 Boards may invest moneys not required for annual expenditure
  • With respect to any moneys bequeathed or given to the for the said school, or being rents, profits, and annual income set apart under the preceding section, the Board shall have power to invest the same in the purchase or upon mortgage of freehold lands in New Zealand, or upon the stocks, bonds, bills, or debentures of the Government of the Colony of New Zealand, or of any Municipal Corporation established within such colony, and from time to time to vary any such investment.

10 Application of moneys for building school
  • The Board may, out of such moneys as shall come into their hands by virtue of this Act or otherwise for the benefit of the said school or schools, expend any sum or sums of money which it may think necessary in erecting suitable buildings and premises for the use as a High School.

    Section 10 was substituted, as from 25 October 1906, by section 7 Auckland Girls' Grammar School 1906 (1906 No 18(L)).

11 Inspection
  • The said school shall at all times be open to inspection by an Inspector appointed by the Minister of Education.