Oamaru Market Reserve Act 1878

Oamaru Market Reserve Act 1878

Local Act1878 No 60
Date of assent2 November 1878

An Act to provide for the Oamaru Market Reserve.

  • Preamble

    WHEREAS the management of the parcel of land described in the Schedule hereto was, by virtue of an Ordinance of the Superintendent and Provincial Council of Otago, intituled The Oamaru Town Reserves Management Ordinance 1872 [Repealed], vested in the Corporation of the incorporated Town of Oamaru, for the purposes of a market, and it is expedient to make further provision for the leasing and management of the said land:

BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1 Short Title
  • The Short Title of this Act shall be The Oamaru Market Reserve Act 1878.

2 Council may lease
  • It shall be lawful for the Corporation of Oamaru to lease to any person or body corporate all or any portion of the land aforesaid, for any period not exceeding twenty-one years, and at any rental which the said Corporation may see fit, or at a nominal rental, upon such conditions as to the said Corporation shall seem right, for the purpose of establishing a corn exchange on such parcel of land:

    Provided always that the said Corporation shall reserve a sufficient part of such land for the purposes of a public market, or the lessees shall be bound to provide for the use of part of the said land for that purpose; and such lease may contain a covenant to renew for a further term of not more than twenty-one years.


All that area in the Town of Oamaru, containing by admeasurement one acre and twenty-one poles, being Sections numbered respectively 6, 7, 8, and 9, Block XXV, on the map of the said town, deposited in the Survey Office, Dunedin.