Timaru Water-Race Reserve Act 1881

Timaru Water-Race Reserve Act 1881

Local Act1881 No 11
Date of assent19 September 1881

An Act to authorize the Transfer of a Reserve made for a Water-race in the Timaru District to the Borough of Timaru, for the purposes of the construction of Waterworks.

  • Preamble

    WHEREAS the lands described in the Schedule hereto have been reserved for the purposes of a water-race, and the Corporation of the Borough of Timaru, in the construction of waterworks for the supply of the said borough with water, are desirous of utilizing the said reserve; and it is expedient that power should be given to deal with the said reserve, as may be most convenient for the aforesaid construction:

BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1 Short Title
  • The Short Title of this Act is The Timaru Water-race Reserve Act 1881.

2 Reserve to vest in Timaru Borough
  • The lands described in the Schedule hereto shall, from the commencement of this Act, vest in the Corporation of the Borough of Timaru for the purposes of waterworks without any grant, conveyance, or transfer.

3 With consent, Borough may sell or exchange said lands
  • The aforesaid Corporation, with the consent of the Governor in each case, may—

    (1) Sell or otherwise dispose of any portious of the said lands which are not required for the waterworks, for the purpose of the acquisition, by purchase or exchange, of other adjacent lands which may be required for such waterworks, and may do all things necessary to carry into effect and complete any such sale or exchange;

    (2) May lease for such term as they think fit, or absolutely sell, either by public auction or by public tender, any surplus of such lands not required for the purposes of such waterworks.

4 Proceeds to be applied to construction of waterworks
  • All moneys to be received from any disposition of the said lands shall be applied by the aforesaid Corporation in and towards paying the cost of the construction of such waterworks, and shall not be applied in any other manner whatsoever.

Reserve no 740.

All that tract of land, 2 ½ chains wide, the centre line of which commences at a point marked A on the map of the Chief Surveyor of the Provincial District of Canterbury, setting out and describing the rural land in the Timaru District, and situated on the northern bank of the River Pareora, about 35 chains in a northerly direction from the confluence of a small stream with the said river; thence following the centre line before mentioned, as indicated by a red line on the map above referred to, until it meets the road forming the south-west boundary of Section 8299, at a point being about 40 chains south-east of the south-western corner of that section.