Napier Harbour Board Amendment and Endowment Improvement Act 1887

Napier Harbour Board Amendment and Endowment Improvement Act 1887

Local Act1887 No 7
Date of assent19 December 1887

An Act to amend the Description of the Boundaries of a certain Reserve known as Ahuriri Lagoon Block, the Property of the Napier Harbour Board, and to give Power to the Napier Harbour Board to carry out certain Works and Improvements upon a Portion of the said Reserve and the Te Whare-o-maraenui Block, and to give Borrowing Powers for carrying out such Works.

  • Preamble

    WHEREAS by The Napier Harbour Board Act 1874, the land as described in Schedules 1 and 3 was reserved and set aside for the use, benefit, and endowment of such Harbour Board as should thereafter be constituted for the Harbour of Napier: And whereas doubts have arisen as to the actual boundaries of the land as described in Schedule 1 hereto by reason of the vagueness of the description thereof, and it is expedient that the boundaries of the said land should be more accurately described: And whereas the Local Board of Health for the Borough of Napier has called upon the Napier Harbour Board to abate a nuisance which exists upon the lands described in the First and Third Schedules hereto: And whereas the nuisance which exists on the said lands, if not abated, may endanger the general health of the inhabitants of the Borough of Napier: And whereas it is necessary and expedient to carry out certain works and improvements on the said lands which will effectually abate the said nuisance and add materially to the value and productiveness of the property of the Napier Harbour Board:

BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—