Timaru Harbour Board Land Act 1889

Timaru Harbour Board Land Act 1889

Local Act1889 No 22
Date of assent16 September 1889

An Act to vest in the Timaru Harbour Board certain Lands being Part of the Foreshore and Part of the Land covered by the Sea near the Borough of Timaru.

BE IT ENACTED by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1 Short Title
  • The Short Title of this Act is The Timaru Harbour Board Land Act 1889.

2 Land described in Schedule vested in Timaru Harbour Board
  • The parcel of land described in the Schedule hereto shall be and the same is hereby vested in the Timaru Harbour Board and its successors for an estate in fee-simple in possession, subject to all the provisions of The Harbours Act 1878, relating to lands vested in Harbour Boards; and the District Land Registrar at Christchurch shall issue a certificate of title in accordance with the provisions of The Land Transfer Act 1885, in favour of the said Board and its successors accordingly.

3 Land to be inalienable
  • No person being a present or future creditor of the Board, whether as a debenture-holder or in any other manner, shall be entitled to require, nor shall any Judge or Court be authorised under any law or rule now or hereafter in force to direct, that any portion of the land described in the said Schedule shall be sold or otherwise alienated or disposed of for the purpose of satisfying the claim of such debenture-holder or other creditor, or any part thereof; nor shall such land or any part thereof be liable to be taken in execution, or sold, alienated, or disposed of, for the purpose of satisfying any debt or demand due or payable by the Board in any manner whatsoever.

4 Act to be deemed part of The Harbours Act 1878.
  • This Act shall be read and construed with The Harbours Act 1878, which said Act is incorporated herewith.


ALL that parcel of land containing two hundred and seventy-five acres, more or less, situate at or near the Borough of Timaru, and being portion of the foreshore there, and wholly or in part covered by the sea, bounded as follows: Commencing at the seaward extremity of the dividing-line between Rural Section 1298 and Reserve No 884 (in red); and proceeding thence southerly, south-easterly, and easterly, following the western, south-western, and southern boundaries of the land defined in the Schedule to The Timaru Harbour Board Act 1876 Amendment Act 1881, to the centre-line of the north mole of the Timaru Harbour, situate about opposite 105 miles 44 1/4 chains on the railway-mileage; thence for the most part in a north-easterly direction, following the centre-line of the said north mole, a distance of 2970 links; thence north-westerly in a straight line to high-water mark at Dashing Rocks, opposite the north-east corner of Rural Section 2445; thence southerly, following high-water mark, to a point opposite the south-eastern boundary of said Rural Section 2445, and 100 links distant therefrom, measuring at right angles to and south-easterly from said boundary of said rural section; thence south-westerly, following a line keeping 100 links distant from said south-eastern boundary of said Rural Section 2445, to a point distant 100 links from the centre-line of the railway, measuring at right angles to and north-easterly from said centre-line of railway; thence south-easterly, following a line parallel to and 100 links distant from the said centre-line of railway, to a point opposite 104 miles 55 chains on the railway-mileage; thence due magnetic east to high-water mark; and thence southerly, following high-water mark, to the commencing-point: as the said parcel of land is shown bordered green on the plan marked MD 1540, and deposited in the office of the Marine Department, Wellington.