Riverton Corporation Empowering Act 1889

Riverton Corporation Empowering Act 1889

Local Act1889 No 29
Date of assent16 September 1889

An Act to dissolve the Riverton Harbour Board, and to vest in the Mayor, Councillors, and Burgesses of the Borough of Riverton all the Powers and Property of the said Board.

  • Preamble


    The Preamble was repealed, as from 19 November 1907, by section 2 Statutes Repeal Act 1907 (1907 No 40).

BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1 Short Title
  • The Short Title of this Act is The Riverton Corporation Empowering Act 1889.

2 Interpretation
  • In this Act, if not inconsistent with the context,—

    Board means the Riverton Harbour Board constituted under The Harbours Act 1878

    Corporation means the Mayor, Councillors, and Burgesses of the Borough of Riverton constituted under The Municipal Corporations Act 1886

    Council means the Council of the said borough.

3 Dissolution of Harbour Board
  • The corporate body constituted by The Harbours Act 1878, by the name of the Riverton Harbour Board is hereby dissolved, and shall henceforth cease to exist.

4 Vesting of property of Harbour Board in the Corporation
  • All the real and personal property vested in or held by the Board at the time of its dissolution shall thereupon vest in and be henceforth held by the Corporation upon the same trusts and for the same purposes upon which the Board held the same.

5 Powers of Harbour Board to be exercised by Corporation
  • All the powers, functions, duties, and authorities by The Harbours Act 1878, and every amendment thereof, conferred upon the Board shall and may henceforth be exercised and performed by the Corporation, acting by and through the Council, in as full and effectual a manner as if the Corporation had been constituted a Harbour Board by and under the said Act.

6 Liability of Corporation for debts of the Harbour Board
  • The Corporation shall henceforth be liable for the debts and liabilities of the Board as fully and effectually as if such debts and liabilities had been originally contracted by the Corporation.

7 Power to Corporation to raise special loan to construct harbour-works
  • The Council may, for the purpose of defraying the cost of constructing any harbour-works which by the said Harbours Act 1878, may be constructed by a Harbour Board without obtaining a special Act, raise from time to time by way of special loan, in the manner provided by Part 9 of The Municipal Corporations Act 1886, such sum or sums of money, not exceeding in the whole the sum of one thousand dollars, as the Council may deem necessary, and in so doing shall comply with and be subject to the provisions of The Municipal Corporations Act 1886, in respect of special loans; and the moneys so raised from time to time shall be deemed to have been raised for the purpose of constructing or establishing public works necessary for promoting the convenience and health of the inhabitants of the borough within the meaning of section one hundred and seventy-seven of The Municipal Corporations Act 1886.

    The words one thousand dollars were substituted, as from 10 July 1967, for the words five hundred pounds pursuant to section 7(1) Decimal Currency Act 1964 (1964 No 27).

8 Provisions of Municipal Corporations Act 1886, to be incorporated with this Act
  • The provisions of The Municipal Corporations Act 1886, shall, in so far as the same may be applicable to and not inconsistent with the provisions of this Act, be deemed to be incorporated with and to form part of this Act.

9 Act to be a special Act within meaning of Harbours Act 1878.
  • This Act shall be deemed to be a special Act within the meaning of The Harbours Act 1878.