Hamerton Pension Act 1891

Hamerton Pension Act 1891

Local Act1891 No 21
Date of assent25 September 1891

An Act to grant a Pension to Robert Chisenhall Hamerton, Esquire.

BE IT ENACTED by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1 Short Title
  • The Short Title of this Act is The Hamerton Pension Act 1891.

2 Pension of 250 per annum granted to R C Hamerton
  • There shall be paid to Robert Chisenhall Hamerton, of Wellington, Esquire, lately holding the office of Public Trustee, out of the Consolidated Fund an annual sum of two hundred and fifty pounds, for the term of his natural life, commencing from the twenty-seventh day of August in the present year, and payable monthly on the first day of each month in each year; and the first of such payments shall commence and be made on the first day of October, one thousand eight hundred and ninety-one.

3 Pensions Act 1884, not to apply
  • The provisions of The Pensions Act 1884, shall not apply to the pension granted by this Act.