Timaru Borough Drainage, Sewerage, and Loans Act 1905

Reprint as at 1 July 2013

Timaru Borough Drainage, Sewerage, and Loans Act 1905

Local Act1905 No 5
Date of assent7 September 1905


Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this eprint.

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1 Short Title

2 Interpretation

Vesting of works and powers

3 Existing drainage works to vest in Council

4 Existing powers to vest in Council

5 Existing drains and appliances deemed vested under this Act

Powers of Council

6 Powers vested in Council

7 Provision as to existing private drains

8 Watercourse or channel dangerous to health may be covered in

9 Cost of work may be paid by owner by instalments

10 By-laws for certain purposes

11 By-laws as to drainage, &c

12 By-laws may specify materials, &c

13 Evidence of by-laws

14 Owner may recover from occupier

Special powers

15 Special powers of Council

16 Provisions as to drains

17 Powers to Council with regard to laying drains beyond district

18 Crown property

19 Notice to be given where existing services interfered with

20 Ventilating-shafts, &c

21 Claim for compensation

22 Owner may be required to drain land abutting on private street or right-of-way

23 On default of owner Council may execute work

24 Owner may agree with Council as to execution of work

25 Advances to owners of property to facilitate connection

26 On connecting premises with public drains

27 Council may refuse to admit matter into public drain

28 Council may make dams, &c, in streams

29 Penalty for interfering with public drains

30 Power to drain surface water

31 Penalty on occupiers obstructing works

32 Cost of supervision of works to be added

33 Charges, how recoverable

34 Memorial of charge

35 Recovery of penalties [Repealed]

Special orders

36 Special orders

Contracts and powers

37 Form of contract

38 Council may enter into contracts with any local authority, &c

Extension of district

39 Extension of district


40 Power to levy sewage rate

41 Powers of rating to be additional to existing powers

42 Special order for rate need not be repeated

43 Rates to carry interest

44 Drainage-areas

45 Appeal


46 Finance

47 Opinion of Auditor-General to be obtained


48 Borrowing-powers to the extent of $50,000 by way of special loan

49 Provisions as to loans

50 Overdraft on ordinary revenue

51 Recovery of overdraft

52 Appropriation of loan-moneys

53 Lender not concerned as to legality of loan

54 When Judge not interested

55 Rate not invalid for irregularity


56 Notice of action

57 Enforcement of provisions of Act

58 Council's property not liable to be rated

59 Disputes may be referred to a Stipendiary Magistrate

60 Investment of sinking funds

61 Provisions where interest of Council and any local body affected

62 Power to take land

63 Certain provisions of The Public Works Act 1894, to apply

64 Lands may be leased

65 Conditions in lease as to sewerage

66 Penalty

67 Existing by-laws to be by-laws under this Act

68 Application of Act to future loans, &c

69 This Act to supersede other Acts

70 Validation provision

71 How new drain is to be deemed a public drain

72 Plan of works to be exhibited

Reprint notes

An Act to make Provision for the Drainage and Sewerage of the Borough of Timaru, and for other Purposes.