Petone Borough Empowering Act 1905

Petone Borough Empowering Act 1905

Local Act1905 No 10
Date of assent7 September 1905

An Act to empower the Corporation of the Borough of Petone to purchase a Lease of Land for Waterworks Conservation Purposes.

  • Preamble

    WHEREAS one George Packwood, of Petone, Carter, is the lessee under the provisions of The Land Act 1892, The Land for Settlements Consolidation Act 1900, and The Land for Settlements Amendment Act 1901, of the land described in the Schedule hereto, by virtue of lease number 180, registered in the Lands Registry Office at Wellington, in Volume 15A, folio 160: And whereas the said land adjoins the land of the said Corporation upon which the waterworks reservoir of the Corporation is situate, and affords convenient access thereto; and the preservation of the native bush thereon is desirable in order to conserve the water-supply to the said reservoir: And whereas no power exists under the said Acts enabling the Corporation to acquire the leasehold interest of the said George Packwood in the said land, and it is expedient that such power should be given:

BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1 Short Title
  • The Short Title of this Act is The Petone Borough Empowering Act 1905.

2 Authorising Corporation to purchase lessee's interest
  • The Mayor, Councillors, and Burgesses of the Borough of Petone (hereinafter called the Corporation) are hereby empowered to purchase from the said George Packwood, his executors, administrators, or assigns (hereinafter called the lessee), the lessee's interest in the land described in the Schedule hereto under the above-recited lease, upon such terms and conditions as may have been or may be agreed upon between the Corporation and the lessee; and upon payment of the agreed-upon purchase-money and the signing of the transfer of the lease by the lessee to the Corporation the lessee's interest shall become vested in the Corporation, the provisions of the said Acts notwithstanding; and thereupon it shall not be necessary for the Corporation to observe the conditions of the lease relating to residence and improvements.


ALL that piece of land in the Land District of Wellington, containing by admeasurement 39 acres 1 rood 16 perches, more or less, being Section 29, Block VIII, Belmont Survey District, Maungaraki Settlement.