Springs County Council Reclamation and Empowering Act 1913

Springs County Council Reclamation and Empowering Act 1913

Local Act1913 No 10
Date of assent7 November 1913

An Act empowering the Springs County Council to reclaim Parts of a Lagoon in the County of Springs for the Purpose of improving the Flow of the L 1 River through the said Lagoon and the Drainage of the Adjoining Lands.

BE IT ENACTED by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1 Short Title
  • This Act may be cited as the Springs County Council Reclamation and Empowering Act 1913.

2 Council empowered to reclaim parts of lagoon
  • The Springs County Council (hereinafter referred to as the Council) is hereby authorized to undertake such works as may be necessary for the reclamation of any part of the area of land described in the Schedule hereto, being a lagoon through which the river known as L 1 River flows, for the purpose of improving the flow of the said river through the said lagoon and the drainage of the adjoining lands.

3 Works to be deemed a public work
  • All such works shall be deemed to be included within the definition of a public work within the meaning of the Public Works Act 1908; and the Council may take any parts of the said area of land as may, in the opinion of the Council, be necessary for the construction of such works.

4 Compensation for land or water taken for purposes of works
  • (1.) The owners of and all other persons having any less estate or interest in any land or water taken or used by the Council for the purposes of this Act, or damaged or injuriously affected by the construction of any works by the Council for the purposes of this Act, shall be entitled to compensation in respect thereof from the Council.

    (2.) All claims for compensation shall be made in writing to the Council within twelve months from the time when such claim arose, and no claim for compensation shall be allowed unless made within that period.

    (3.) The amount of compensation shall, unless the parties agree thereon, be ascertained in the manner provided by the Public Works Act 1908, and the provisions of that Act shall accordingly apply.

5 Land reclaimed to be deemed to be vested in Council, and Council may sell or lease same
  • All such part or parts of the said area of land as may at any time be taken, reclaimed, or drained, or partially reclaimed or drained, shall be deemed to be vested in the Council in fee-simple absolutely, with power to the Council to sell such lands or any parts thereof, or to grant leases of the same or any part thereof, at such rents, and for such terms, and on such conditions, as the Council thinks fit.


ALL that area in the Canterbury Land District, containing 41 acres, more or less, situate in Block V, Halswell Survey District, and numbered 3014: bounded northward by the road forming the southern boundaries of Sections 9752 and 10399; eastward by Sections 9526, 9525, 9515, 11163, and 12742; southward by a line across the outlet of the lagoon; westward by Section 9903, the abutment of a road and drain reserve, and Section 9813.