Papakura Beach Vesting Act 1915

Papakura Beach Vesting Act 1915

Local Act1915 No 5
Date of assent1 October 1915

An Act to vest Portion of the Foreshore of the Manukau Harbour in the Papakura Town Board.

BE IT ENACTED by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1 Short Title
  • This Act may be cited as the Papakura Beach Vesting Act 1915.

2 Foreshore to vest in Papakura Town Board
  • That part of the foreshore of the Manukau Harbour described in the Schedule hereto shall, on the passing hereof, vest in the Papakura Town Board (hereafter called the Board) for an estate in fee-simple, subject to all public and private rights of navigation thereover; and the District Land Registrar at Auckland shall, upon the request of the Board, issue to the Board a certificate of title to the said land for such estate and interest.


ALL that area in the Auckland Land District, containing by admeasurement 4 acres 3 roods 23 perches, more or less, bounded by a line commencing at a point on high-water mark of Manukau Harbour at the north-western corner of Allotment 11 of Section No 6, Papakura Parish: thence along high-water mark of Manukau Harbour to the southernmost corner of Lot 18 of Allotment 14 of Section No 6 aforesaid: thence bearing 232° 37′, distance 110 links; bearing 285° 10′, distance 662.84 links; bearing 315° 21′, distance 509.99 links; bearing 343° 25′, distance 887.05 links; bearing 301° 19′, distance 549.43 links; bearing 329° 35′, distance 609.02 links; and bearing 55° 55′, distance 134.21 links, to the place of commencement.