Tumu-Kaituna Drainage Board Empowering Act 1928

Tumu-Kaituna Drainage Board Empowering Act 1928

Local Act1928 No 16
Date of assent9 October 1928

An Act to confer Additional Powers on the Tumu-Kaituna Drainage Board.

BE IT ENACTED by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:

1 Short Title
  • This Act may be cited as the Tumu-Kaituna Drainage Board Empowering Act 1928.

2 Interpretation
  • In this Act, if not inconsistent with the context,—

    Board means the Tumu-Kaituna Drainage Board incorporated under The Land Drainage Act 1908

    Said district means the Tumu-Kaituna Drainage District constituted under The Land Drainage Act 1908.

3 Additional powers conferred on Board for classification of lands
  • (1) In the said district or any subdivision thereof where rates are levied or are proposed to be levied on lands according to their classification, the Board may from time to time, as it thinks fit, classify all lands in the said district or subdivision into four classes, or, at the Board's option, into more than four classes, by reference to the degree, if any, to which those lands have already received or are likely to receive any benefit, direct or indirect, from the works or operations carried out or intended or proposed to be carried out by the Board and in respect of which the rates are levied or proposed to be levied; and the rates shall be levied on a graduated scale, in such proportions as the Board in each case appoints, according to the classification made by the Board of the rateable property within the said district or subdivision, except lands classified as not having received or not being likely to receive any benefit, direct or indirect, from the said works or operations.

    (2) Where in any case the lands about to be classified by the Board have already been classified, the Board may in the new classification increase or decrease the number of classes into which the same are classified, so only that the number of classes shall not be less than four.

4 Procedure
  • Save as otherwise provided in this Act, The Land Drainage Act 1908, and its amendments shall apply with respect to classifications of land under this Act.

5 Costs of promotion
  • The Board may, out of its General Account, pay the costs of promoting this Act.