Nelson Waterworks Extension Amendment Act 1936

Nelson Waterworks Extension Amendment Act 1936

Local Act1936 No 5
Date of assent1 October 1936

BE IT ENACTED by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1 Short Title
  • This Act may be cited as the Nelson Waterworks Extension Amendment Act 1936, and shall be read together with and deemed part of the Nelson Waterworks Extension Act 1935 (hereinafter referred to as the principal Act).

2 Council to ensure adequate supply of potable water to Stoke Mental Hospital
  • (1) Before commencing to construct any tunnel, of which any part shall be within a distance of sixty chains from the intake dam of the Stoke Mental Hospital, the Council shall make such provision, to the satisfaction of the Minister of Public Works, as will ensure that a sufficient supply of potable water will immediately be rendered available to the Stoke Mental Hospital in the event of the supply thereto from its present source being at any time during the progress of the works authorized by the principal Act cut off or reduced through any cause attributable to any such work carried out by the Council.

    (2) This section is in substitution for subsection five of section four of the principal Act, and the said subsection is hereby accordingly repealed.