Balclutha Housing Act 1945

Reprint as at 26 November 1948

Balclutha Housing Act 1945

Local Act1945 No 1
Date of assent1 September 1945
Commencement1 September 1945


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1 Short Title

2 Interpretation

3 Council empowered to financially assist approved persons by contributing out of loan-moneys to the amount to be advanced by financial institutions [Repealed]

4 Council and financial institutions may enter into agreements in reference to payments in respect of advances [Repealed]

5 Requirements by Council before exercising power to give financial assistance [Repealed]

6 Limit to amount which may be advanced [Repealed]

7 Council may guarantee to financial institutions advances to approved persons [Repealed]

8 Council and financial institution may agree upon terms of guarantee and same may be varied at any time [Repealed]

9 Requirements of Council prior to exercising powers contained in section 7 [Repealed]

10 Amount to be guaranteed limited to one-third of amount to be secured by mortgage [Repealed]

11 Liability of Council under total guarantees limited to £10,000 [Repealed]

12 Council may guarantee certain replacement mortgages [Repealed]

13 Extending lending powers of financial institutions [Repealed]

14 Council authorised to borrow up to £10,000 for purpose of Act [Repealed]

15 Provisions which apply to all mortgages to which the Act relates [Repealed]

16 All documents executed by Council to be under seal of Corporation [Repealed]

17 Resolution to make advance conclusive evidence of authority [Repealed]

18 Provision for creation of Reserve Fund [Repealed]

19 Power to lease lands other than public reserves for housing purposes [Repealed]

20 Powers of Council in regard to making advances for the renovation or enlargement of buildings

Reprint notes

An Act to confer further and additional powers on the Balclutha Borough Council in relation to housing