Auckland Regional Authority Act 1963

  • repealed
  • Auckland Regional Authority Act 1963: repealed, on 1 November 2010, by section 113(1) of the Local Government (Auckland Transitional Provisions) Act 2010 (2010 No 37).

Reprint as at 1 November 2010

Auckland Regional Authority Act 1963

Local Act1963 No 18
Date of assent25 October 1963
Commencement25 October 1963
  • Auckland Regional Authority Act 1963: repealed, on 1 November 2010, by section 113(1) of the Local Government (Auckland Transitional Provisions) Act 2010 (2010 No 37).


Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this reprint.

A general outline of these changes is set out in the notes at the end of this reprint, together with other explanatory material about this reprint.



1 Short Title

2 Interpretation

3 Auckland Regional District [Repealed]

4 Constitution of Authority [Repealed]

5 Members of Authority [Repealed]

6 Election of members [Repealed]

6A Conduct of elections in combined local districts [Repealed]

7 Cost of elections [Repealed]

8 New rolls not to be compiled for elections [Repealed]

9 Date of first election [Repealed]

10 Qualification of elected members [Repealed]

11 Appointment of members by local authorities [Repealed]

12 Coming into office of members [Repealed]

13 Vacancies [Repealed]

14 Ouster of office [Repealed]

15 Chairman and Deputy Chairman of Authority [Repealed]

16 Remuneration of Chairman and members [Repealed]

17 Committees [Repealed]

17A Subcommittees [Repealed]

17B Regional Water Board [Repealed]

18 Chairman of meetings [Repealed]

19 Quorum of Authority and committees [Repealed]

20 Questions to be decided by majority of votes [Repealed]

21 Proceedings not invalidated by irregularities, etc [Repealed]

22 Meetings of the Authority [Repealed]

23 Rules as to proceedings of Authority or committees, etc [Repealed]

24 Authority may provide offices, etc [Repealed]

25 Authority may appoint officers and servants [Repealed]

26 Acting officer [Repealed]

27 Salaried staff positions [Repealed]

28 Bylaws

29 Form of making bylaws

30 Contracts of Authority

31 Special orders [Repealed]

32 Powers of Authority

33 Civil defence [Repealed]

34 Power to declare regional roads [Repealed]

34A Local authority may request Authority to declare regional road [Repealed]

34B Objections and appeals by local authorities against declaration of regional roads [Repealed]

34C Power to take lands [Repealed]

34D Powers of Authority in relation to regional roads [Repealed]

34E Objections to intention to commence formation construction or upgrading of regional road [Repealed]

34F Power to delegate [Repealed]

34G Cost of regional roads [Repealed]

34H Revocation of a regional road [Repealed]

34I Appeals [Repealed]

34J Limited access roads [Repealed]

34K Bylaws [Repealed]

34L Highway improvement land [Repealed]

35 National roads [Repealed]

36 Regional motorways [Repealed]

37 Regional parks [Repealed]

38 Regional planning [Repealed]

39 Additional powers of Authority [Repealed]

40 Authority to become Airport Authority [Repealed]

41 Powers of Airport Authority [Repealed]

41A Roads at Airport [Repealed]

41B Cafeteria at Auckland International Airport [Repealed]

42 Authority to take over bulk water-supply undertaking of Auckland City

43 Authority to take over Auckland Metropolitan Drainage Board

44 Authority to take over Auckland Centennial Memorial Park [Repealed]

45 Authority to take over various bodies

45A Power to acquire shares in companies operating passenger services

45B Miscellaneous powers of Authority

45C Authority may contribute to development of refuse landfills for public recreation

46 Books of accounts to be kept [Repealed]

47 Books to be open to inspection by members of Authority [Repealed]

48 Banking and investment of money [Repealed]

49 Audit Office requirements [Repealed]

50 Yearly balance sheets and statements [Repealed]

51 Audit of accounts [Repealed]

52 Abstract of accounts [Repealed]

53 Authority may establish Imprest Account [Repealed]

54 Superannuation and other benefits for employees

55 Unauthorised expenditure [Repealed]

56 Borrowing powers

56A Deposit scheme

57 Security for loans

58 Annual estimate of Authority’s income and expenditure [Repealed]

59 Levies and rates [Repealed]

60 Contributing authorities’ annual assessments [Repealed]

61 How assessments to be calculated [Repealed]

61A Apportionment of net urban transport expenditure [Repealed]

62 Appeal [Repealed]

63 Jurisdiction of a District Court [Repealed]

64 Production of documents to be prima facie evidence [Repealed]

65 When contributing authorities to pay their shares [Repealed]

66 Power of contributing authorities in regard to payment [Repealed]

66A Differential rating by Manukau City Council or the Waitemata City Council [Repealed]

66B Differential rating by Rodney County Council where assessments are calculated in respect of some only of ridings or communities [Repealed]

66C Consolidated rating by Rodney County Council [Repealed]

67 Power of Authority to recover from contributing authorities in case of default [Repealed]

68 General rates [Repealed]

69 Separate rates [Repealed]

70 General, separate, and special rates [Repealed]


71 Contributing authority may make advance for initial expenses [Repealed]

72 Reserves for replacements, renewals, etc [Repealed]

73 Insurance of Authority members [Repealed]

74 Governor-General may extend time

75 Government works not to be interfered with [Repealed]

Reprint notes

An Act to provide for the establishment and powers of a Regional Authority for the Auckland Regional Area