Meikle Acquittal Act 1908

Meikle Acquittal Act 1908

Private Act1908 No 1
Date of assent4 August 1908

An Act to reverse the Conviction of John James Meikle on a Charge of Sheep-stealing.

  • Preamble

    WHEREAS in the year eighteen hundred and eighty-seven, at the sittings of the Supreme Court then held at Invercargill, John James Meikle was tried for the offence of sheep-stealing, and was convicted of the said offence and sentenced to imprisonment for the term of seven years: And whereas the said John James Meikle did thereafter suffer the said imprisonment in accordance with the judgment of the said Court: And whereas, in pursuance of a petition presented to Parliament by the said John James Meikle alleging that he was wrongly convicted of the said offence, two of the Judges of the Supreme Court were on the fifteenth day of March, nineteen hundred and six, appointed by the Governor as Commissioners for the purpose of inquiring into the truth of the matter: And whereas the said Commissioners have made full inquiry, and have reported that the evidence produced to them of the guilt of the said John James Meikle is so far from conclusive that if the said inquiry had been a retrial it would have been proper to acquit the said John James Meikle of the said offence: And whereas it is expedient to give effect to the report of the said Commissioners in manner hereinafter appearing:

BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1 Short Title
  • This Act may be cited as the Meikle Acquittal Act 1908.

2 Judgment of High Court reversed
  • The said judgment of the High Court whereby the said John James Meikle was so convicted and sentenced as aforesaid is hereby reversed.

    The words High Court were substituted, as from 1 April 1980, for the words Supreme Court pursuant to section 12 Judicature Amendment Act 1979 (1979 No 124).

3 Record of judgment deemed to be expunged
  • Every record of the said judgment and conviction, and all prison records relating to the imprisonment so suffered by the said John James Meikle thereunder, shall be deemed to be expunged and deleted accordingly as if the said judgment and conviction had not been given or obtained.

4 No rights of action &c, conferred by this Act
  • Nothing in this Act shall give to any person any right of action or any other right or remedy which he would not have had independently of this Act; nor shall anything in this Act take away from any person any defence, justification, or excuse which he would have had if this Act had not been passed; nor shall anything in this Act invalidate or make illegal anything heretofore lawfully done in pursuance of or in consequence of the said judgment or conviction, or take away or affect any right, title, estate, or interest vested in any person.

5 Private Act
  • This Act is hereby declared to be a Private Act.