General Finance Limited Act 1988

Reprint as at 1 April 1995

General Finance Limited Act 1988

Private Act1988 No 2
Date of assent31 March 1988
Commencement31 March 1988


Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this reprint.

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An Act to provide for the transfer to General Finance Limited of the whole of the undertaking of certain subsidiaries of that company, and the dissolution of those subsidiaries

  • Preamble


    • A General Finance Limited is a company incorporated under the Companies Act 1955, having its registered office at 120–124 Featherston Street, Wellington, and carrying on business as a finance company:

    • B The companies specified in the Schedule (the subsidiary companies) are all wholly owned subsidiaries of General Finance Limited:

    • C It is considered desirable that General Finance Limited assume the undertakings and operations of the subsidiary companies by the transfer to it of all property, rights, and liabilities of the subsidiary companies and that the subsidiary companies be dissolved:

    • D Legislation is the only expedient means by which a transfer to General Finance Limited of the whole of the undertakings of the subsidiary companies can be effected efficiently and economically and without disruption to the conduct and continuity of the business of General Finance Limited, its clients, and the clients of its subsidiary companies:

    • E The objects of this Act cannot be efficiently and economically attained without the authority of Parliament.