Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Act 2008

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Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Act 2008

Private Act2008 No 3
Date of assent29 August 2008
Commencementsee section 2


Funding Board

Amenities Board

Assessment criteria


Funding principles

Funding applications

Funding plans

First financial year

Funding levies

Funding payments

Legislative history

  • Preamble

    (1) Several arts, educational, rescue, and community organisations that are vital to the Auckland region contribute to the well-being of the whole region by providing facilities or services to the community:

    (2) The organisations are an essential part of the fabric of the Auckland region and are necessary to make the region a vibrant and attractive place to live in and visit:

    (3) A significant proportion of those who visit or use, or otherwise benefit from, the organisations come from all the territorial authority districts in the Auckland region:

    (4) The organisations currently receive their funding from a range of sources by way of grants made in response to annual or periodic applications. In particular, they make separate applications to each of the territorial authorities and various trusts for funding. The grants resulting from applications are often ad hoc and short term:

    (5) This process does not provide a secure funding stream for the organisations and it does not necessarily result in all the territorial authorities in the Auckland region making a contribution to the organisations’ funding:

    (6) A statutory framework is needed to provide adequate and secure funding for the organisations by all the territorial authorities in the Auckland region:

    (7) The existing statutory frameworks for regional funding of the Auckland War Memorial Museum and the Museum of Transport and Technology provide a model for the funding of the organisations:

    (8) Territorial authorities funding the organisations should have a formal role, through the Electoral College, in the decisions on funding:

The Parliament of New Zealand therefore enacts as follows: