Picton Institute Act 1864 (M)

Picton Institute Act 1864 (M)

Provincial Act
Date of assent2 December 1864

In the 28th year of the reign of Her Majesty Queen Victoria

An Act to authorise the Superintendent of the Province of Marlborough to convey a piece of land in the Town of Picton to Trustees as a site for the Picton Institute

  • Preamble


    The Preamble was repealed by section 2 Statutes Repeal Act 1907.

1 Short Title
  • This Act shall be termed and may be cited as the Picton Institute Act 1864

2 Superintendent may convey certain land to Trustees as a site for the Picton Institute
  • It shall be lawful for the Superintendent of the Province of Marlborough with the advice of his Executive Council, for any nominal or other consideration to convey and assure unto the 5 Trustees nominated for that purpose by the members of the Picton Institute, all that piece or parcel of land in the Town of Picton aforesaid, being Section numbered 259 on the plan of the Town of Picton, to hold the same upon trust as a site for the erection of buildings for the aforesaid Institution.

3 Mode of appointing new Trustees
  • Whenever, by reason of death, resignation, bankruptcy, or absence from the Province for the space of 12 successive calendar months the number of Trustees shall be reduced below 3, a meeting of the members of the Institution shall be called by advertisement in some local newspaper at least 14 days previous to such meeting, and the members present at such meeting shall elect a number of new Trustees equal to the number of vacancies, and every such choice or appointment of new Trustees shall be made to appear by some deed under the hand of the chairman of the meeting at which such choice or appointment may be made, which deed shall be executed in the presence of such meeting and attested by not less than 3 members of the Institute, and may be in the form or to the effect of the Schedule to this Act annexed or as near thereto as circumstances will allow, and may be given as evidence in the same manner and on like proof as deeds, and shall be evidence of the truth of the several matters and things therein contained.


s 3

Memorandum of the choice and appointment of new Trustees of the following property, viz:—         (Description of property)                      situate         at a meeting of the members of the Picton Institute, duly convened and held in                                                       on         (Date)         and of which                      was Chairman.
Names and description of all the Trustees in whom the said property now becomes vested:
 First, old continuing Trustees
 (names, etc) 
 Second, new Trustees now chosen
 (names, etc) 
Dated this                             day of                           
 (Signed) A. B.,
   Chairman of the said meeting
Signed by the said                      as Chairman of the said meeting at and in the presence of the said meeting, on the day and year aforesaid, in the presence of
C. D.
E. F.
G. H.
Passed the Provincial Council of Marlborough on Monday 24th October 1864.
 W. D. H. Baillie
Reserved for the signification of the Governor's pleasure thereon.
 A. P. Seymour
I hereby assent to this Ordinance this 2nd day of December 1864.
 G. Grey