Campbelltown Athenaeum Act 1875

Campbelltown Athenaeum Act 1875

Public Act1875 No 27
Date of assent12 October 1875

An Act to incorporate the Campbelltown Athenaeum.

  • Preamble


    The Preamble was repealed, as from 19 November 1907, by section 2 Statutes Repeal Act 1907 (1907 No 40).

BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1 Short Title
  • The Short Title of this Act shall be The Campbelltown Athenaeum Act, 1875.

2 Incorporation of members, name, seal
  • James Waddel, Samuel Nicol, Thomas Thompson, together with such other persons as are now or may from time to time become members of the institution called the Campbelltown Athenaeum, are hereby made a body politic and corporate in deed name and law, by the name of The Campbelltown Athenaeum, and shall have perpetual succession and a common seal.

3 May sue etc
  • The said corporation may sue and be sued, implead and be impleaded, answer and be answered, in all the Courts of the colony.

4 Power to public to give property to corporation
  • [Repealed]

    Section 4 was repealed, as from 19 November 1907, by section 2 Statutes Repeal Act 1907 (1907 No 40).

5 Power to corporation to hold property
  • The said corporation is hereby enabled to receive purchase and hold real and personal property of every kind required for the purposes of an Athenaeum.

6 Certain lands granted to corporation
  • The pieces of land described in the Schedule, being lands heretofore duly dedicated for the purposes of the Campbelltown Athenaeum, are hereby declared to be vested in the said corporation for an estate in fee-simple.

7 Power of corporation to alienate limited
  • The said corporation shall not be able to alienate any of its real property, except by way of lease for a term not exceeding twenty-one years, and with the written consent of two-thirds of its members; nor to sell assign or in any way alienate its personal property.

8 Interest of members defined
  • No member shall have any personal individual joint or transmissible right or interest in or to the whole or any part of the property of the said corporation.

9 Members may make regulations
  • A majority of members may, from time to time, make regulations for determining the conditions of membership and for managing the affairs of the said corporation: Provided however—

    • (1) That no meeting shall be held except after fourteen days' notice in one of the local newspapers published in Otago, which notice shall state precisely the business which the meeting is called to transact.

    • (2) Every meeting shall be held in Campbelltown.

    • (3) Voting at every meeting may be by proxy in writing.

    • (4) A meeting may be convened by any five members.

10 When corporation shall cease to exist
  • The said corporation shall cease to exist if at any time the number of members shall fall below ten.


  • Section 3, Block XII, on the Crown Grant Record Map of the Town of Campbelltown.

  • Sections 2, 3, 4, and 5, Block XIV, and Sections 14, 15, and 16, Block X, on the Crown Grant Record Map of the Town of Campbelltown.