Onehunga Reserves Act 1875

Onehunga Reserves Act 1875

Public Act1875 No 61
Date of assent21 October 1875

AN ACT to authorize the granting to the Governing Body of the Town of Onehunga certain Reserves within that Town.

  • Preamble

    WHEREAS certain reserves in the Town of Onehunga are at present lying waste there, and it is advisable that the same should be utilized by vesting the same in the governing body of the town: And whereas the Provincial Council of the Province of Auckland at its last session resolved as follows:— That a respectful address be presented to His Honor the Superintendent, requesting that, with a view to the utilization of the reserves at Onehunga, the management of these reserves should, as soon as practicable, be intrusted to the governing body of that town, and that the specific purposes of the several endowments should be those set opposite each allotment: And it is expedient to give effect to the resolution above quoted:

BE IT THEREFORE ENACTED by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1 Short Title
  • The Short Title of this Act shall be The Onehunga Reserves Act 1875.

2 Governor may grant lands in Schedule for purposes specified to governing body of the Town of Onehunga
  • It shall be lawful for the Governor to cause grants from the Crown of the several allotments of land described in the Schedule hereto to be issued to the governing body for the time being of the Town of Onehunga, to be held by the said governing body in trust for the purposes set opposite the said several allotments in the said Schedule.

3 Governing body may lease lands in Schedule. How rents and profits to be disposed of
  • It shall be lawful for the said governing body from time to time to demise all or any of the lands specified in the Schedule hereto, or any part or parts thereof, at such annual rent or rents, and for such term of years, not exceeding twenty-one years, as the said governing body may think fit; and the rents issues and profits arising out of the lands specified in the Schedule hereto as endowments for the benefit of the Town of Onehunga shall form part of the ordinary local revenue of the said town.

    But it shall not be lawful for the said governing body to demise or lease or apply to any other purpose than the purpose in each case particularly expressed any of or any part of the lands described in the Schedule as water reserves.

4 Governing body to manage and keep separate accounts between town and harbour endowments
  • The control and management of the reserves shall thenceforth vest in the governing body, and it shall be the duty of the governing body to keep separate accounts of rents issues and profits arising therefrom, and devote the same to the purposes expressed in the respective grants.


No of SectionNo of Allotment.Area.Purposes of Endowment.
4713103As endowments for benefit of the Town of Onehunga.
Adjoining lot 22A. small lots3028As water reserves.