Presbyterian Church Property Act 1885

Reprint as at 12 November 2018

Presbyterian Church Property Act 1885

Public Act
1885 No 33
Date of assent
14 September 1885
14 September 1885

Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this official reprint.

Note 4 at the end of this reprint provides a list of the amendments incorporated.


1Short Title
2Application of Act
4Presbyterian Church of New Zealand recognised as from 21 September 1875
6Election of trustees
7First election when held
8Declaration giving names of trustees to be filed in Supreme Court and to be evidence
9Declaration on election of new Trustees
10Copies of declaration to be evidence
11Title of trustees
12Trustees may sue and be sued
13Trustees may acquire property
14Common seal
15Property to vest in trustees
16Persons in whom property vested to convey same to trustees
17Transfer of freehold property to trustees
18On investment of property in trustees rights of original holders to cease
19Existing contracts, and rights, remedies, etc, to be exercised and enforced by trustees
20Property held in trust for particular congregation, how administered
21When land not suitable trustees may apply to Supreme Court for order to sell or exchange
22Trustees’ delegation of powers in Schedule 2
23Trusts and purposes on which property to be held
24Method of contracting
25Saving of acts done by trustee
26When trustee deemed to have resigned
27Who to judge when trustee resigned
28Casual vacancies, how filled up
29Confirmation of election of new trustee
30Trustees may make, etc, bylaws
31Trustees to appoint chairman and office bearers
32Minutes and accounts to be kept
33Auditor of accounts of trustees
34Trustees to make annual report
35Trustee liable only for his or her own acts
36Receipts by treasurer, etc, sufficient discharge
37Bequests to trustee
38If trusts not defined property to be held for purposes in Schedule 2
39Provision in case of congregation ceasing to exist
40Transfer of property
41Deed of transfer to be evidence
42Right of appeal
Reprint notes

An Act to define the position of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand, and to vest certain properties held for the purposes of or in connection with such Church in trustees, and to provide for the management of such properties.