Provincial Ordinances Act 1892

Provincial Ordinances Act 1892

Public Act1892 No 11
Date of assent31 August 1892

An Act to declare certain Provincial Ordinances to continue in force, and for the Repeal of all other such Ordinances.

BE IT ENACTED by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—

1 Short Title
  • The Short Title of this Act is The Provincial Ordinances Act 1892.

2 Interpretation
  • In this Act—

    Province means any of the former Provinces of Auckland, Taranaki, Hawke's Bay, Wellington, Nelson, Marlborough, Canterbury, Westland, Otago, or Southland

    Provincial Ordinance means an Act or Ordinance passed by the Superintendent of any former province with the advice and consent of the Provincial Council thereof.

3 Ordinances repealed
  • Saving and excepting as to the Provincial Ordinances and parts of Ordinances severally enumerated in the Schedule hereto, all Provincial Ordinances are hereby repealed.

4 Provincial Laws Evidence Act repealed
  • The Provincial Laws Evidence Act 1877, is hereby repealed.

Provincial ordinances continued in force.


Year and Session.Auckland Acts.
1858, Sess9,No4.The Auckland Building Act 1858.
1863, Sess15,No8.The Auckland Loan Act 1863.
No25.The Gas Company Lease Act 1863.
1866, Sess19,No17.The Howick Park Act 1866.
1866, Sess20,No2.The Auckland Building Act 1858 Extension Act 1866.
1869, Sess24,No4.The Auckland Building Act 1858 Amendment Act 1869.
1871, Sess26,No16.The Bay of Islands Coal Company (Limited) Lease Act 1871.
1874, Sess29,No20.The City of Auckland Loan Empowering Act 1874.
No24.The Fencing Acts Suspension Act 1874.
1874, Sess29,No27.The Newmarket Hall Site Act 1874.
1875, Sess30,No6.The Supreme Court Site Leasing Act 1875.
No8.The Public Buildings Act 1875; except sections three to eight and section sixteen.
Taranaki Ordinances.
1872, Sess21,No5.The New Plymouth Hospital Endowment Ordinance 1872; except section two.
1875, Sess24,No1.The New Plymouth Harbour Board Ordinance 1875; in part only namely, section seventeen.
No4.The Taranaki Agricultural Society's Trust Ordinance 1875.
Wellington Acts.
1862, Sess9,No9.An Act to provide for the Management of the Racecourses in the Wanganui and Rangitikei Districts.
1866, Sess14,No1.The Hutt Public Park and Racecourse Act 1866.
No4.The Wairarapa Racecourse Act 1866.
1869, Sess17,No3.The Manawatu Racecourse Act 1869.
1872, Sess22,No9.The Fencing Act 1872.
1874, Sess27,No7.The Thorndon Baths Act 1874.
1875, Sess28,No6.The Sandon Public Park Management Act 1875.
Nelson Acts.
1859, Sess6,No4.The Nelson Institution Act 1859.
1860, Sess7,No3.An Act to promote the Use of the Rifle in the Province of Nelson.
1863, Sess10,No1.The Nelson Waterworks Act 1863; except sections seventeen, twenty-three, and twenty-four.
1874, Sess25,No11.The Loan Act 1874.
1875, Sess26,No3.The Nelson Waterworks Act Amendment Act 1875.
Marlborough Act.
1864, Sess10,No1.The Picton Institute Act 1864.
Canterbury Ordinances.
1854, Sess2,No3.The Church Property Trust Ordinance, Sess 2, No 3; except sections three to ten, section twelve, and all words at commencement of section two between The Bishop together with and Alfred Charles Barker.
1855, Sess4,No4.The Christ's College Ordinance, Sess 4. No 4.
1855, Sess5,No2.The Canterbury Association Reserves Ordinance, Sess 5, No 2.
1858, Sess10,No8.The Christ's College Amendment Ordinance, Sess 10, No 8.
1859, Sess11,No6.The Church Property Trust Amendment Ordinance, Sess 11, No 6.
No7.The Racecourse Reserve Ordinance, Sess 11, No 7; except section two.
1860, Sess13,No1.The Lyttelton and Christchurch Railway Loan Ordinance, Sess 13, No 1.
1862, Sess19,No14.The Municipal Councils Reserves Ordinance 1862.
No20.The Canterbury Loan Ordinance 1862.
1864, Sess22,No6.The Beswick Wharf Ordinance 1864.
1867, Sess26,No8.The Cass Pension Ordinance 1867.
1867, Sess27,No12.The Church Property Trust Amendment Ordinance 1867.
No14.The Christchurch Fire Prevention Ordinance 1867.
1868, Sess30,No6.The Municipal Corporations Reserves Ordinance 1868.
1870, Sess34,No8.The Christchurch Municipal Reserves Ordinance 1870.
No9.The Canterbury Museum and Library Ordinance 1870.
1873, Sess39,No4.The Canterbury College Ordinance 1873.
No5.The Canterbury Museum and Library Ordinance Amendment Ordinance 1873.
1873, Sess39,No8.The Reserve No 74 Ordinance 1873.
No15.The Reserve No 424 Ordinance 1873.
1873, Sess40,No7.The Township of Geraldine Ordinance 1874.
1874, Sess41,No4.The Racecourse Reserve Ordinance Amendment Ordinance 1874.
No5.The Lyttelton Harbour Reserve Ordinance 1874.
1875, Sess42,No5.The Reserve No 88 Ordinance 1875.
No8.The Classical School Reserves Ordinance 1875.
No10.The Reserve No 168 Ordinance 1875.
No11.The Reserve No 62 Ordinance 1875; except section two.
No20.The Public Libraries Ordinance 1875.
No21.The Educational Reserves Leasing Ordinance (No 2) 1875.
Otago Ordinances.
1861, Sess12,No53.The Dunedin Church Lands Ordinance 1861.
1862, Sess15,No69.The Otago Harbour Trust Leasing Ordinance 1862.
1862, Sess16,No83.The Otago Loan Ordinance 1862; except section four.
No108.The Licensed Theatres Ordinance 1862; except sections one and three.
No114.The Dunedin Building Ordinance, 1862; except section two, Schedule A, and the definition of the term city in section three.
1864, Sess18,No144.The Dunedin Building Ordinance 1862 Amendment Ordinance 1864.
1864, Sess19,No184.The Education Reserves Ordinance 1864; except so much of the Schedule thereto as is repealed by The Otago Education Reserves Abandonment Act 1868, and The Otago Education Reserves Abandonment Act 1871.
1865, Sess21,No218.The Education Reserves Ordinance 1865; except so much of the Schedule thereof as is repealed by The Otago Education Reserves Abandonment Act 1868.
1868, Sess24,No268.The Dunedin Reserves Licensing and Sale Ordinance 1868.
No278.The Harbour Reclaimed Lands Sale and Leasing Ordinance 1868.
1869, Sess25,No280An Ordinance to incorporate the University of Otago; except section four and all the words of section two after such vacancy and the word nine in section five.
1869, Sess26,No296.The University of Otago Ordinance Amendment Ordinance 1869.
1870, Sess27,No300.The University of Otago Endowment Ordinance 1870.
No310.The Licensed Theatres Ordinance 1870.
No319.The Oamaru Racecourse Reserve Management Ordinance 1870.
1870, Sess28,No329.The Dunedin Athenaeum and Mechanics Institute Ordinance 1870.
No333.The Licensed Theatres Ordinance (Southland) Repeal Ordinance 1870.
1871, Sess29,No351.The Northern Agricultural and Pastoral Reserve Management Ordinance 1871.
No353.The Blueskin Market Reserve Ordinance 1871.
No356.The Hampden Mechanics' Institute Reserve Management Ordinance 1871.
No357.The Oamaru Drill-shed Reserve Management Ordinance 1871.
No358.The Invercargill Athenaeum Reserve Management Ordinance 1871; except section five.
No359.The Invercargill Athenaeum Ordinance 1871.
1872, Sess30,No367.The Lawrence Athenaeum and Mining Institute Ordinance 1872.
No368.The Lawrence Athenaeum and Mining Institute Reserves Management Ordinance 1872.
No371.The Dunstan Racecourse Reserve Management Ordinance 1872.
1872, Sess30,No382.The Oamaru Town Reserves Management Ordinance 1872.
No384.The Invercargill Athenaeum Reserve Management Ordinance Amendment Ordinance 1872.
1873, Sess32,No391.The Lawrence Reserves Management Ordinance Amendment Ordinance 1873.
No401.The Dempsey Trust Ordinance 1873.
No404.The Cromwell Athenaeum Ordinance 1873.
No405.The Riverton Athenaeum Ordinance 1873.
No409.The Invercargill Racecourse Reserve Management Ordinance 1873.
No410.The Frankton Racecourse Reserve Management Ordinance 1873.
No411.The Winton Racecourse Reserve Management Ordinance 1873.
No420.The Invercargill Athenaeum Reserves Management Ordinance 1873.
1874, Sess33,No434.The Dunedin City Council Borrowing Powers Extension Ordinance 1874.
No438.The Sawyer's Bay Lands Leasing Ordinance 1874.
No439.The Roslyn Institute Ordinance 1874.
No440.The Caledonian Society of Otago Incorporation Ordinance 1874.
No456.The Dunedin Presbyterian Church Lands Ordinance Amendment Ordinance 1874.
1875, Sess34,No473.The Port Chalmers Seamen's Institute Ordinance 1875.
No477.The Invercargill Corporation Borrowing Powers Extension Ordinance 1875.
No487.The University of Otago Lands Trust Ordinance 1875.
No491.The Arrowtown Athenaeum Ordinance 1875.
No501.The Invercargill Athenaeum Reserve Management Ordinance 1875.
No506.The Riverton Athenaeum Reserves Management Ordinance 1875.
No514.The Port Molyneux Reserves Management Ordinance 1875; except the words with the sanction and consent of the Superintendent in section two.