Commissions of Inquiry Act 1908

8 Payment of witnesses’ allowances


Where the Commission has obtained the authority in writing of the Minister of Internal Affairs for summoning any witness, the amounts of the witness’s fees, allowances, and travelling expenses shall, if certified by the Chairman of the Commission, be paid by the Minister of Finance out of the Consolidated Account.


In every other case the person requiring the evidence of a witness—


shall be liable for payment of the witness’s fees, allowances, and expenses; and


shall, on making application for the issue of a witness summons, deposit with the Commission such sums as the Commission thinks sufficient.


Except where subsection (1) applies, the amounts of a witness’s fees, allowances, and expenses shall be paid out of the sum deposited under subsection (2)(b).

Section 9: replaced, on 4 July 1980, by section 4 of the Commissions of Inquiry Amendment Act 1980 (1980 No 2).