22 Note of presentation and entry in index book
  • (1) On the presentation of any instrument for registration the Registrar shall number the instrument and make a note thereon of the day and hour of the receipt thereof, and stamp the same at the end of such note with the seal of the Register Office, and enter the same in the book of primary entry.

    (2) The foregoing duty of the Registrar shall be performed in the presence of the party presenting the instrument, if that party so requires.

    (3) The Registrar shall thereupon cause an entry of such instrument to be made in the index book under the proper head or title, specifying the day and hour of presentation and the nature of the instrument:

    Provided that no such entry in the index book shall be made in respect of any power of attorney.

    Compare: 1868 No 51 ss 35 and 36