Reserves and other Lands Disposal and Public Bodies Empowering Act 1914

50 Declaring Section No 233, City of Wellington, to be Crown land
  • Whereas Section No 233 of the City of Wellington, containing by admeasurement one acre, more or less, is vested in the Governor of the Dominion of New Zealand in fee-simple for the public purposes of the said Dominion, but is not Crown land within the meaning of the Land Act 1908: And whereas it is expedient that the said land should be made available for disposal under that Act: Be it therefore enacted as follows:—

    Section No 233 of the City of Wellington is hereby declared to be Crown land available for disposal under the Land Act 1908.

    The Land Act 1908 (1908 No 94) was repealed, as from 1 January 1925, by section 390 Land Act 1924 (1924 No 31). That Act was in turn repealed, as from 1 April 1949, by section 185(1) Land Act 1948 (1948 No 64).