Cook Islands Act 1915

  • This version was reprinted on 29 February 2016 to make corrections to section 275A(1) under section 25(1)(j)(i) of the Legislation Act 2012.

Reprint as at 1 March 2017

Cook Islands Act 1915

Public Act
1915 No 40
Date of assent
11 October 1915

Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this eprint. See the notes at the end of this eprint for further details.

This Act is administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade.


1Short Title and commencement
4Adjacent islands
5Minister for the Cook Islands [Repealed]
6Secretary for the Cook Islands [Repealed]
7Officers agsisting the Secretary [Repealed]
8Secretary and other officers belonging to New Zealand Public Service [Repealed]
9Resident Commissioner of Rarotonga [Repealed]
10Resident Commissioner of Niue [Repealed]
11Deputy Resident Commissioners [Repealed]
12Resident Agents [Repealed]
13Cook Islands Public Service [Repealed]
14Concurrent offices [Repealed]
15Delegation of power of appointment to Resident Commissioners [Repealed]
16Regulations as to Cook Islands Public Service [Repealed]
17Payment from Publio Aooount and Cook Islands Treasury [Repealed]
18Appointment of acting officers by Resident Commissioner [Repealed]
19Suspension of officers [Repealed]
20Appointment of New Zealand officers to Cook Islands Public Service. [Repealed]
21Concurrent offices in both services [Repealed]
22Stations of officers belonging to both services [Repealed]
23Contributions to superannuation fund [Repealed]
24Transfer from New Zealand Service to Cook Islands Service. Supernumerary officers [Repealed]
25Pay of supernumerary officers [Repealed]
26Appointment of supernumerary officers to New Zealand Service [Repealed]
27Contributions of supernumerary officers to superannuation fund [Repealed]
28Computation of length of service in Cook Islands [Repealed]
29Public Service Act 1912, not applicable [Repealed]
30Superannuation Acts not applicable [Repealed]
31Moneys forming part of Cook Islands revenue [Repealed]
32Cook Islands Account and Niue Island Account. [Repealed]
33Expenditure of Cook Islands [Repealed]
34Regulations as to revenue and expenditure [Repealed]
35Expenditure by Resident Commissioners [Repealed]
36Revenues raised by Island Ordinances [Repealed]
37The Seal of the Cook Islands [Repealed]
38Chief Medical Officer of Rarotonga [Repealed]
39Chief Medical Officer of Niue [Repealed]
40Assistant Medical Officers [Repealed]
41Qualification of Medical Officers [Repealed]
42Duties of Medical Officers [Repealed]
43Hospitals and other institutions of public health [Repealed]
44Establishment of prisons [Repealed]
45Island may be appointed as a prison [Repealed]
46Gaoler to be appointed by the Governor [Repealed]
47Removal from one prison to another [Repealed]
48Temporary confinement elsewhere than in prison [Repealed]
49Compulsory labour in lieu of imprisonment [Repealed]
50Appointment of police [Repealed]
51Establishment of public schools [Repealed]
52Acquisition and use of ship for the public service [Repealed]
53Governor in Council may make regulations for the peace, order, and good government of the Cook Islands [Repealed]
54Regulations must be consistent with statute law [Repealed]
55Regulations may impose taxation [Repealed]
56Penalties for breaches of regulations [Repealed]
57Control of imports and exports [Repealed]
58Application of regulations [Repealed]
59Island Councils of Rarotonga and Niue [Repealed]
60Governor in Council may establish other Island Councils [Repealed]
61Abolition of Island Councils [Repealed]
62Membership of Island Councils [Repealed]
63Payment of members of Island Councils [Repealed]
64Regulations as to elective membership. [Repealed]
65Nominated members of Island Councils [Repealed]
66Ex officio members of Island Councils [Repealed]
67Qualification for ex officio membership [Repealed]
68Women may be members or electors of Island Councils [Repealed]
69Resident Commissioners and Resident Agents to be members of Island Councils [Repealed]
70Legislative powers of Island Councils [Repealed]
71Ordinances must not be repugnant to Acts of Parliament [Repealed]
72Maximum penalties imposed by Ordinances [Repealed]
73Duties of Customs not to be imposed [Repealed]
74Appropriation of revenues [Repealed]
75Borrowing of money [Repealed]
76Saving of rights of Crown [Repealed]
77Courts of justice [Repealed]
78Ordinances may deal with matters already dealt with by Acts [Repealed]
79Assent to Ordinances. [Repealed]
80Reservation of Ordinances [Repealed]
81Assent of Resident Commissioner [Repealed]
82Commencement of Ordinances so assented to [Repealed]
83Transmission of reserved Ordinances to Minister [Repealed]
84Assent of Governor [Repealed]
84A [Repealed]
84B [Repealed]
85Commencement of Ordinances so assented to [Repealed]
85A [Repealed]
86Mode of Governor’s assent [Repealed]
87Transmission of Ordinances after assent of Resident Commissioner [Repealed]
88Disallowance of Ordinances [Repealed]
89Effect of disallowance [Repealed]
90Language of Ordinances [Repealed]
91Validity of Ordinances [Repealed]
92Meetings of Island Councils [Repealed]
93President of Council [Repealed]
94Election of temporary President [Repealed]
95President’s right of voting [Repealed]
96Quorum of Council [Repealed]
97Presence of President necessary [Repealed]
98Rules of procedure [Repealed]
99Disorderly conduct at meetings [Repealed]
100Clerks of Island Councils [Repealed]
101High Court established [Repealed]
102Identity of High Court with former of the same name [Repealed]
103Judges of the High Court [Repealed]
104Tenure and salaries of Judges [Repealed]
105Stations of Judges [Repealed]
106Acting Judges of the High Court [Repealed]
107Powers of Judges [Repealed]
108Commissioners of the High Court [Repealed]
108AJustices of the Peace [Repealed]
109Registrars of the High Court [Repealed]
110Deputy Registrars [Repealed]
111Administrative officers [Repealed]
112Seal of the High Court [Repealed]
113Records of the High Court [Repealed]
114Jurisdiction of the High Court [Repealed]
115Injunction, certiorari, mandamus, and prohibition [Repealed]
116Habeas corpus [Repealed]
117Custody of minors [Repealed]
118Rules of High Court [Repealed]
119Procedure so far as not governed by rules of Court [Repealed]
120Forms [Repealed]
121Summons to witnesses [Repealed]
122Default of witness [Repealed]
123Commissioners to take evidence [Repealed]
124Evidence by affidavit sworn out of the Cook Islands [Repealed]
125Witnesses may be ordered out of Court [Repealed]
126Affidavits in the Cook Islands [Repealed]
127Evidence by affidavit [Repealed]
128Right of audience in the High Court [Repealed]
129Costs [Repealed]
130Security for costs [Repealed]
131Court fees [Repealed]
132Minutes of judgments [Repealed]
133Amendments [Repealed]
134Rehearing [Repealed]
134ARehearing of criminal proceedings [Repealed]
135Writs of sale and possession [Repealed]
136Effect of writ of possession [Repealed]
137Effect of writ of sale [Repealed]
138Issue of writs of sale or possession [Repealed]
139Charging orders [Repealed]
140Stay of execution [Repealed]
141Judgment summons [Repealed]
142Enforcement of judgments of High Court in High Court of New Zealand
143Order of arrest of absconding debtor [Repealed]
144Security to be given [Repealed]
145Enforcement of security [Repealed]
146Arrest in actions for penalties [Repealed]
147Enforcement of security in actions for penalties [Repealed]
148Contempt of Court defined [Repealed]
149Punishment of contempt [Repealed]
150Jurisdiction of High Court [Repealed]
151Contempt in the face of the Court [Repealed]
152Discharge of persons in contempt [Repealed]
153Civil jurisdiction of High Court extends to Cook Islands
154Jurisdiction under the Declaratory Judgments Act 1908 [Repealed]
154APlace for filing proceedings
155Criminal jurisdiction of High Court in respect of Cook Islands
156High Court or Land Court may state a case for the Supreme Court [Repealed]
157Jurisdiction of Supreme Court on appeal from the High Court [Repealed]
158Order granting leave to appeal [Repealed]
159Transmission of record [Repealed]
160Dismissal of appeal for non-prosecution [Repealed]
161Procedure on appeal [Repealed]
162Special leave to appeal may be granted by Supreme Court [Repealed]
163Powers of the Supreme Court on appeal [Repealed]
164Evidence on appeal [Repealed]
165Stay of execution [Repealed]
166Release of appellant from custody [Repealed]
167Appeal not to be allowed for irregularities in procedure [Repealed]
168Right of audience on appeal [Repealed]
169Transmission of order of Supreme Court on appeal [Repealed]
170No appeal to the Court of Appeal [Repealed]
171Certiorari, mandamus, and prohibition taken away [Repealed]
172Appeals to Supreme Court from Native Land Court [Repealed]
173Judgments of High Court or District Court in New Zealand may be enforced by the High Court
174Enforcement of judgments of High Court by High Court by way of proceedings for contempt
175Commissioners of the High Court may be appointed in the Cook Islands
176Treason [Repealed]
177Inciting to mutiny [Repealed]
178Murder [Repealed]
179Manslaughter [Repealed]
180"Omission" defined [Repealed]
181Omissions dangerous to life [Repealed]
182Omission to supply the necessaries of life [Repealed]
183Liability of persons having charge of dangerous things [Repealed]
184Hastening death [Repealed]
185Indirect cause of death [Repealed]
186Attempted murder [Repealed]
187Conspiracy and inciting to murder [Repealed]
188Attempted suicide [Repealed]
189Counselling suicide [Repealed]
190Concealment of birth [Repealed]
191Grievous bodily harm [Repealed]
192Actual bodily harm [Repealed]
193Omissions resulting in bodily harm [Repealed]
194Indecent assault [Repealed]
195Assault [Repealed]
196Rape [Repealed]
197Carnal knowledge of girls under twelve years of age [Repealed]
198Carnal knowledge of girls under fifteen years of age [Repealed]
199Carnal knowledge of idiots or lunatics [Repealed]
200Adultery by married persons [Repealed]
201Adultery with married woman [Repealed]
202Procuring miscarriage of woman or girl [Repealed]
203Act of woman or girl procuring her own miscarriage [Repealed]
204Supplying means of miscarriage [Repealed]
205Bigamy [Repealed]
206Buggery [Repealed]
207Attempted buggery and indecent assaults on males [Repealed]
208Incest [Repealed]
209Indecent acts [Repealed]
210Indecent documents [Repealed]
211Brothels [Repealed]
212Gaming-houses [Repealed]
213Gaming by Natives [Repealed]
214Stealing children [Repealed]
215Riot [Repealed]
216Forcible entry [Repealed]
217Affrays [Repealed]
218Official corruption [Repealed]
219Perjury [Repealed]
220Fabricating evidence [Repealed]
221Conspiracy to pervert justice [Repealed]
222Breaking prison [Repealed]
223Escape [Repealed]
224Rescue [Repealed]
225Defamatory libel [Repealed]
226Punishment of theft [Repealed]
227Definition of theft [Repealed]
228Ineffectual defences to charge of theft [Repealed]
229Extended definition of theft [Repealed]
230Obtaining money or goods by false pretences to be deemed theft [Repealed]
231Stealing documents [Repealed]
232Receiving stolen goods [Repealed]
233Robbery [Repealed]
234Breach of trust [Repealed]
235Menaces [Repealed]
236Witchcraft [Repealed]
237Obtaining credit by fraud [Repealed]
238Accusation of criminal offences [Repealed]
239Conspiracy to defraud [Repealed]
240Obtaining execution of valuable securities by fraud [Repealed]
241Burglary [Repealed]
242Forgery [Repealed]
243Extended definition of forgery [Repealed]
244Making counterfeit coin [Repealed]
245Lightening coin [Repealed]
246Uttering counterfeit coin [Repealed]
247Arson [Repealed]
248Wilful mischief to property [Repealed]
249Provoking breach of the peace [Repealed]
250Disorderly conduct in public place [Repealed]
251Furious driving [Repealed]
252Cattle trespass [Repealed]
253Obstructing public place [Repealed]
254Drunkenness [Repealed]
255Prostitution [Repealed]
256Laying poison [Repealed]
257Polluting water [Repealed]
258Sale of unwholesome provisions [Repealed]
259Insanitary premises [Repealed]
260Wilful trespass [Repealed]
261Cruelty to animals [Repealed]
262Falsely trading as an incorporated company [Repealed]
263Conspiracy [Repealed]
264Attempts [Repealed]
265Inciting [Repealed]
266Parties to offences [Repealed]
267Common criminal purpose [Repealed]
268Counselling or procuring [Repealed]
269Common-law defences [Repealed]
270Common-law offences [Repealed]
271Sentence of death [Repealed]
272Maximum fines and terms of imprisonment [Repealed]
273Enforcement of fines [Repealed]
274Imprisonment in Cook Islands [Repealed]
275Transfer of convicted persons to New Zealand
275ARelease of prisoners transferred to New Zealand
275BPerson conditionally released from imprisonment, or portion of whose sentence is conditionally remitted, may be imprisoned
276Exile [Repealed]
277Cumulative sentences [Repealed]
278Magistrates [Repealed]
279Jurisdiction of High Court [Repealed]
280Felonies and misdemeanours [Repealed]
281Arrest without warrant [Repealed]
282Arrest on warrant of Magistrate [Repealed]
283Committal by Magistrate for trial [Repealed]
284Information [Repealed]
285Warrant or summons [Repealed]
286Warrant after issue of summons [Repealed]
287Prisoners brought before Judge of High Court before commencement of prosecution [Repealed]
288Remand [Repealed]
289Trial of accused in his absence [Repealed]
290Constitution of Court on criminal trials [Repealed]
291Judge with assessors [Repealed]
292Judge without assessors [Repealed]
293Judge with or without assessors as he thinks fit [Repealed]
294Order appointing assessors [Repealed]
295Number and qualifications of assessors [Repealed]
296Default of assessors [Repealed]
297Remuneration of assessors [Repealed]
298Oath of assessors [Repealed]
299Change of assessors [Repealed]
300Discharge of assessors and new trial [Repealed]
301Concurrence of assessors [Repealed]
302Concurrence of Judge [Repealed]
303Sentence [Repealed]
304Concurrence of assessors not necessary except for conviction [Repealed]
305Alternative and cumulative charges [Repealed]
306Relation between information and conviction [Repealed]
307Withdrawal of information [Repealed]
308Drawing up of conviction [Repealed]
309Defects of information, summons, or warrant [Repealed]
310Payment of witnesses [Repealed]
310ACourt may order convicted person to come up for sentence if called upon [Repealed]
311Conviction without sentence [Repealed]
312Bail [Repealed]
313Stay of proceedings by Minister [Repealed]
314Search warrants [Repealed]
314ATransmission of certain warrants and orders by telegram [Repealed]
314BPardon and remission of sentence [Repealed]
315Definitions [Repealed]
316Discretionary power of admitting evidence [Repealed]
317Discretionary power of rejecting evidence [Repealed]
318All witnesses competent [Repealed]
319Evidence of parties and their husbands and wives [Repealed]
320Evidence of accused persons and their husbands and wives [Repealed]
321Cross-examination as to credit [Repealed]
322Criminating questions [Repealed]
323Evidence of prisoners [Repealed]
324Judicial notice [Repealed]
325Judicial notice [Repealed]
326Power to administer oaths
327Form of oath
328Making of oath
329Absence of religious belief
330Affirmation may be made in lieu of oath
331Evidence of children without oath
332Necessity of oath
333Arrest in Cook Islands of fugitive offenders from New Zealand
334Order of return to New Zealand
335Refusal of order in case of hardship
336Imprisonment or release pending return
337Release on security in lieu of return
338Return to New Zealand in custody
339Cancellation of order of return
340Arrest in New Zealand of fugitive offenders from the Cook Islands
341Order of return to the Cook Islands
342Judicial notice of signature to warrant
343Refusal of order in case of hardship
344Imprisonment or release pending return
345Release on security in lieu of return
346Return to the Cook Islands in custody
347Cancellation of order of return
348Prisoners may be removed from one island to another
349Place of trial of offenders in the Cook Islands [Repealed]
349AExtradition Act in force in Cook Islands
350Crown proceedings in the Cook Islands [Repealed]
351Authority of Attorney-General and Solicitor-General [Repealed]
352Prosecution of claim by His Majesty [Repealed]
353Warrant to sue in the name and on behalf of His Majesty [Repealed]
354All land in the Cook Islands vested in Her Majesty [Repealed]
355Grants of Crown land [Repealed]
356Reserves of Crown land for public purposes [Repealed]
357Taking of land for public purposes [Repealed]
358Revocation of warrant taking land [Repealed]
359Compensation for land taken [Repealed]
360Resumption of Crown land for public purposes [Repealed]
361Reservation of land so taken or resumed [Repealed]
362Purchase of land for public purposes [Repealed]
363Control of Crown land by High Commissioner [Repealed]
364Public purposes defined [Repealed]
365Saving of reserves under the Cook Islands Government Act 1908 [Repealed]
366Validation of Crown purchases [Repealed]
367Native Land Court established [Repealed]
368Native Land Court identical with Cook Islands Land Titles Court [Repealed]
369Judges of Native Land Court [Repealed]
370Appointment and tenure [Repealed]
371Registrars of the Land Court [Repealed]
372Deputy Registrars [Repealed]
373Offices of Land Court [Repealed]
374Records [Repealed]
375Seal of the Land Court [Repealed]
376Deputy of Chief Judge [Repealed]
377Administrative officers [Repealed]
378Rules of Court [Repealed]
379Applications to Court [Repealed]
380Exercise of supplementray jurisdiction [Repealed]
381Powers of Judges [Repealed]
382Sittings of Court [Repealed]
383Summoning of witnesses [Repealed]
384Costs [Repealed]
385Security for costs [Repealed]
386Costs may be charged on land [Repealed]
387Right of audience [Repealed]
388Amendments of defects [Repealed]
389Amendments of records [Repealed]
390Rehearing [Repealed]
390AAmendment of orders after title ascertained [Repealed]
391Annulment of orders obtained by fraud [Repealed]
392Enforcement of orders of Land Court by High Court [Repealed]
393Enforcement of charges [Repealed]
394Drawing up of orders [Repealed]
395Partition orders [Repealed]
396Orders in respect of deceased persons [Repealed]
397Orders bind all persons interested [Repealed]
398Orders to be in duplicate [Repealed]
399Validity of orders [Repealed]
400Contempt of Court defined [Repealed]
401Penalty for contempt [Repealed]
402Jurisdiction in contempt [Repealed]
403Contempt in face of the Court [Repealed]
404Arrest on warrant [Repealed]
405Conviction by Land Court [Repealed]
406Enforcement of fine [Repealed]
407Discharge of persons in contempt [Repealed]
408Jurisdiction in contempt may be exercised at any time or place [Repealed]
409Miscellaneous jurisdiction of Land Court [Repealed]
409AAccess to Native land [Repealed]
410High Commissioner may confer jurisdiction on Land Court [Repealed]
411Land Court may order surveys [Repealed]
412Entry for purpose of survey [Repealed]
413Pending proceedings may be continued [Repealed]
414Operation of orders heretofore made [Repealed]
415Drawing up of orders heretofore made [Repealed]
416Validation of former orders
417Declaring land to be free from customary title [Repealed]
418Validity of dispositions of land by the Crown [Repealed]
419Native customary title limited by high-water mark [Repealed]
420For certain purposes customary land to be deemed Crown land [Repealed]
421Investigation of title to customary land [Repealed]
422Native customs to be recognised [Repealed]
423Freehold orders [Repealed]
424Effect of freehold orders [Repealed]
425Tenancy in common [Repealed]
426Ariki land [Repealed]
427Freehold orders in favour of persons deceased [Repealed]
428Land the title to which has been heretofore investigated declared to be freehold land [Repealed]
429Jurisdiction to partition Native land [Repealed]
430Partition orders [Repealed]
431Apportionment of encumbrances on partition [Repealed]
432Mode of partition [Repealed]
433Land to be partitioned into suitable areas [Repealed]
434Combination of several areas of land for purpose of partition [Repealed]
435Payments by way of equality of partition [Repealed]
436Trustees on partition [Repealed]
437Encumbrances or undivided interests on partition [Repealed]
438Jurisdiction to effect exchange of Native land [Repealed]
439Exchange of freehold interests only [Repealed]
440Conditions of exchange [Repealed]
441Exchange for Crown land [Repealed]
442Effect of order of exchange [Repealed]
443Payment for equality of exchange [Repealed]
444Land obtained in exchange becomes Native land [Repealed]
445Wills of Natives [Repealed]
446Succession to deceased Natives [Repealed]
447Native land not to vest in administrators [Repealed]
448Succession orders [Repealed]
449Effect of succession order [Repealed]
450Revocation of succession orders [Repealed]
451No action without succession order [Repealed]
452No alienation without succession order [Repealed]
453Native land not assets for payment of debts [Repealed]
454Estate of Native other than land to be assets for payment of debts [Repealed]
455Interest in Native land to include all things growing on or attached to land [Repealed]
456Adoption by Native custom invalid [Repealed]
457Validity of adoption heretofore registered [Repealed]
458Orders of adoption [Repealed]
459Applications for adoption [Repealed]
460Who may be adopted [Repealed]
461Conditions of adoption [Repealed]
462Consent of natural parents required [Repealed]
463Adoptions by more than one person [Repealed]
464Annulment of orders of adoption [Repealed]
465Effect of adoption [Repealed]
465AEffect of orders of adoption on interests in Native land [Repealed]
466Removal of restrictions on alienation [Repealed]
467Alienation of customary land prohibited [Repealed]
468Alienation in fee simple prohibited [Repealed]
469Alienation for a longer period than 60 years prohibited [Repealed]
470Alienation by way of security prohibited [Repealed]
471Alienation of things growing on or attached to land deemed an alienation of land [Repealed]
472Disposition of life interest to be deemed an alienation of land [Repealed]
473Assignment of rents or profits prohibited [Repealed]
474Alienation by trustees of Native land [Repealed]
475Alienations must be in writing [Repealed]
476Execution of instruments out of the Cook Islands [Repealed]
476AExecution of renewals of leases [Repealed]
477Confirmation necessary [Repealed]
478Application for confirmation [Repealed]
479Orders of confirmation [Repealed]
480Effect of confirmation [Repealed]
481Confirmation of inconsistent instruments [Repealed]
482Conditions of confirmation [Repealed]
483Alienation in pursuance of confirmed contracts [Repealed]
484Alteration of instruments on confirmation [Repealed]
485Validity and operation of confirmed instruments [Repealed]
486Alienations to the Crown [Repealed]
487Establishment of Native reservations [Repealed]
488Revocation or variation of reservation [Repealed]
489Reservations inalienable [Repealed]
490Management and control of Native reservations [Repealed]
491Native land not to be taken in execution [Repealed]
492Payment into Land Court of rents and other proceeds of alienation [Repealed]
493Definition of person under disability [Repealed]
494Trustee orders [Repealed]
495Matters to be set forth in trustee orders [Repealed]
496Appointment of new trustees [Repealed]
497Orders restricting powers of trustees [Repealed]
498Cancellation of trustee orders [Repealed]
499Determination of trustee orders [Repealed]
500Trust property not to vest in trustee [Repealed]
501Administration of property by trustee [Repealed]
502Alienation of property by trustee [Repealed]
503Powers of trustee [Repealed]
504Expenditure of revenues of trust property [Repealed]
505Enforcement of trusts [Repealed]
506Co-trustees must act jointly [Repealed]
507Remuneration of trustees [Repealed]
508Prohibited degrees of consanguinity [Repealed]
509Marriages to take place before marriage officer [Repealed]
510Marriage officer defined [Repealed]
511Appointment of marriage officers [Repealed]
512Offence [Repealed]
513Notice of marriage [Repealed]
514Mode of solemnisation [Repealed]
515Record of marriage [Repealed]
516Signature of record [Repealed]
517Transmission of records [Repealed]
518Minimum age of marriage [Repealed]
519Marriage of minors [Repealed]
520Offence by marriage officer [Repealed]
521Signature of false record by party or witness [Repealed]
522Misrepresentation as to facts to procure marriage [Repealed]
523Legitimation per subsequens matrimonium [Repealed]
524Jurisdiction of High Court [Repealed]
525Limitation of jurisdiction [Repealed]
526Nullity of marriage [Repealed]
527Grounds of divorce [Repealed]
528Grounds of refusal of divorce [Repealed]
529Domicile of deserted wife [Repealed]
531Co-respondent as a party [Repealed]
532Intervention [Repealed]
533Agreement no bar to divorce [Repealed]
534No appeal to High Court [Repealed]
535Remarriage of divorced persons [Repealed]
536Costs [Repealed]
537Order for maintenance of divorced wife [Repealed]
538Order as to custody of children [Repealed]
539Molestation of divorced wife by her husband [Repealed]
540Jurisdiction of High Court
541Interpretation [Repealed]
542Jurisdiction of High Court [Repealed]
543Applications [Repealed]
544Jurisdiction discretionary [Repealed]
545Affiliation orders [Repealed]
546Evidence [Repealed]
547Maintenance order in favour of illegitimate child [Repealed]
548Maintenance order against father in favour of child [Repealed]
549Maintenance order against mother in favour of child [Repealed]
550Maintenance order against husband in favour of wife [Repealed]
551Maintenance order against wife in favour of husband [Repealed]
552Maintenance order against any person in favour of father or mother [Repealed]
553Disobedience to maintenance order [Repealed]
554Maintenance money a debt [Repealed]
555Order in favour of non-residents [Repealed]
556Order against non-residents [Repealed]
557Orders in absentia [Repealed]
558Repeated applications [Repealed]
559Payments not to be made in advance [Repealed]
560Cancellation, variation, and suspension of orders [Repealed]
561Payment of maintenance money [Repealed]
562Security for obedience to maintenance orders [Repealed]
563Operation of agreements
564Purport and duration of maintenance orders [Repealed]
565Order for past maintenance [Repealed]
566Leaving Cook Islands while maintenance money in arrear an offence [Repealed]
567Leaving Cook Islands after affiliation order and before birth of child an offence [Repealed]
568Leaving Cook Islands with intent to disobey maintenance order an offence [Repealed]
569Leaving Cook Islands while failing to maintain wife an offence [Repealed]
570Leaving Cook Islands while failing to maintain child an offence [Repealed]
571Leaving Cook Islands with intent to desert wife or child an offence [Repealed]
572Attempting to leave the Cook Islands [Repealed]
573Evidence of intent [Repealed]
573AHigh Court may make adoption orders [Repealed]
573BPersons who may apply for adoption order [Repealed]
573CWho may be adopted [Repealed]
573DRestrictions on making adoption orders [Repealed]
573EConsents to adoptions [Repealed]
573FEffect of order of adoption [Repealed]
573GAnnulment of order of adoption [Repealed]
574Application by Medical Officer to High Court [Repealed]
575Medical certificates as to persons of unsound mind [Repealed]
576Order of medical custody [Repealed]
577Renewal of order [Repealed]
578Cancellation of order [Repealed]
579Discharge from custody [Repealed]
580Arrest and detention of persons committed to medical custody [Repealed]
581Treatment of persons detained [Repealed]
582Removal from the Cook Islands to New Zealand
583Conditions of removal
584Method of removal
585Persons so removed to New Zealand to be brought before a District Court Judge
586District Court Judge may make a reception order
587Administration of estates of persons of unsound mind
588Warrant for arrest of persons of unsound mind [Repealed]
589Arrest of persons of unsound mind without warrant [Repealed]
590Insane persons not to be tried for offences [Repealed]
591Detention of accused persons acquitted on ground of insanity [Repealed]
592Discharge [Repealed]
593Orders of medical custody of criminal lunatics
594The defence of insanity in criminal prosecutions [Repealed]
595Manufacture of intoxicating liquor prohibited [Repealed]
596Importation of intoxicating liquor prohibited [Repealed]
597Persons in New Zealand concerned in importation of intoxicating liquor into Cook Islands guilty of an offence. [Repealed]
598Sale of intoxicating liquor prohibited [Repealed]
599Giving intoxicating liquor to a Native prohibited [Repealed]
600Soliciting or receiving orders for intoxicating liquor prohibited [Repealed]
601Packages of intoxicating liquor to be marked as such [Repealed]
602Resident Commissioner may import liquor for sale or for public purposes [Repealed]
603"Intoxicating liquor" defined [Repealed]
604Road defined [Repealed]
605Existing roads [Repealed]
606Proclamation of existing roads [Repealed]
607Proclamation of new roads [Repealed]
608Roads not to vest in the Crown [Repealed]
609Maintenance and control of roads [Repealed]
610Effect of freehold order on roads [Repealed]
611Roads laid out on partition or investigation of title [Repealed]
612Dedication of roads by Natives [Repealed]
613Closing of roads [Repealed]
614Warrants as to roads to be gazetted [Repealed]
615Law of England as in the year 1840 to be in force in the Cook Islands [Repealed]
616Jurisdiction of the High Court [Repealed]
617Common law and equity to be administered concurrently [Repealed]
618Statute law of New Zealand not applicable to Cook Islands [Repealed]
619When enactment in force in Cook Islands, amendments and regulations to be in force also [Repealed]
620Other enactments in force in Cook Islands to be read subject to this Act [Repealed]
621Criminal procedure in Cook Islands [Repealed]
622Acts Interpretation Act in force in Cook Islands [Repealed]
623Administration Act 1908, in force in Cook Islands [Repealed]
624Arbitration Act in force in Cook Islands [Repealed]
625Bills of Exchange Act in force in Cook Islands [Repealed]
626Chattels Transfer Act in force in Cook Islands [Repealed]
627Copyright Act in force in Cook Islands
628Deaths by Accidents Compensation Act in force in Cook Islands [Repealed]
629Demise of the Crown Act in force in Cook Islands [Repealed]
630Parts of Infants Act in force in Cook Islands [Repealed]
631Marine Insurance Act in force in Cook Islands [Repealed]
632Mercantile Law Act in force in Cook Islands
634Partnership Act in force in Cook Islands [Repealed]
635Patents Act, Designs Act, Trade Marks Act, and Merchandise Marks Act in force in Cook Islands
636Post Office Act in force in Cook Islands
637Property Law Act in force in Cook Islands [Repealed]
638Sale of Goods Act in force in Cook Islands [Repealed]
639Trustee Act in force in Cook Islands [Repealed]
640Wills Act Amendment Act 1852 in force in Cook Islands [Repealed]
640AMerchant Shipping Act (UK) not to apply to Cook Islands [Repealed]
641Limitation of actions
642Legal status of married women [Repealed]
643Joint liability [Repealed]
644Contracts of guarantee [Repealed]
645Contracts by Natives [Repealed]
646Securities given by Natives [Repealed]
647Employer’s liability [Repealed]
648Liability of owners of dogs [Repealed]
649Distress for rent abolished [Repealed]
650Calendar of the Cook Islands [Repealed]
651Time of day in Cook Islands [Repealed]
652Statutory references to time [Repealed]
653Statutory declarations
653AExecution of documents in Cook Islands for use in New Zealand
654Taxes on Native land [Repealed]
656Warrants of arrest [Repealed]
657Trespass ab initio [Repealed]
657ACertain officers to take Oath of Allegiance and Judicial Oath
658Repeal of all existing laws of the Cook Islands [Repealed]
659Enactments specifically repealed [Repealed]
660Validation of Ordinances [Repealed]
Reprint notes

An Act to make better provision with respect to the government and laws of the Cook Islands