Reserves and other Lands Disposal Act 1931

Reprint as at 1 April 1966

Reserves and other Lands Disposal Act 1931

Public Act1931 No 41
Date of assent11 November 1931
Commencement11 November 1931


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1 Short Title

2 Altering the boundaries of certain reserves in the Parish of Whangarei

3 Authorising the Wellsford Agricultural and Pastoral Society (Incorporated) to sell Section 38, Block XVI, Otamatea Survey District, and apply proceeds towards purchase of other land

4 Cancelling reservation as a domain over Lots B and D, Block I, Hunua Survey District, and declaring the same to be reserved for scenic purposes

5 Authorising the Raglan Town Board to sell a certain reserve

6 Section 18 of Reserves and other Lands Disposal Act 1927 amended

7 Validating lease granted by Hutt Park Committee over portion of Hutt Park Recreation Reserve

8 Cancelling State forest reservation over certain land in Nelson Land District and setting the same apart as a scenic reserve

9 Authorising the issue of a certificate of title in the name of His Majesty the King for Section 19, Block XIII, Wai-iti Survey District

10 Nelson Harbour Act 1905 amended

11 Authorising the issue of a certificate of title in the name of His Majesty the King for Section 20, Block XV, Wai-iti Survey District

12 Authorising cancellation of reservation as provisional State forest over certain land in Waiwhero and Mawheranui Survey Districts, and the setting apart of same for the purposes of the Coal-mines Act 1925

13 Empowering Selwyn Plantation Board to purchase land for plantation purposes, and providing for the more effective carrying on of the Board's operations [Repealed]

14 Adding certain Crown land in Block II, Lyndon Survey District, to Hanmer Town area

15 Authorising the Peel Forest Board to grant leases of special areas set apart for the purpose [Repealed]

16 Validating a certain payment by the Waikaka Domain Board

17 Providing for certain expenditure out of North Island Experimental Dairy School Account

18 Extending provisions of section 124 of the Land Act 1924 to the holders of leases of certain lands [Repealed]

19 Bringing under the Tourist and Health Resorts Control Act 1908 certain portions of the Tongariro National Park [Repealed]

20 Authorising Tongariro National Park Board to appoint committees [Repealed]

21 Authorising the vesting of certain lands in the Taieri River Trust as endowments

Reprint notes

An Act to provide for the sale, reservation, and other disposition of certain reserves, Crown lands, endowments, and other lands, and to validate certain transactions