Reserves and other Lands Disposal Act 1936

Reprint as at 1 April 1973

Reserves and other Lands Disposal Act 1936

Public Act1936 No 49
Date of assent31 October 1936
Commencement31 October 1936


Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this reprint.

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1 Short Title

2 Further provisions with respect to mining privileges for the supply of water to lands in the Downs Settlement and other lands in Otago Land District

3 Amending section 2 of the Reserves and other Lands Disposal and Public Bodies Empowering Act 1912

4 Authorising the cancellation of the present title for Allotment 94A, Maungatapere Parish, and directing the issue of a new title therefor

5 Authorising the issue of a certificate of title to Charles Crisp, of Taupaki, for Lot 1, DP 8476, Auckland Land Registry

6 Authorising the closing of a road through Allotment 39, Mahurangi Parish, and vesting this closed road in the owner of the said allotment

7 Cancelling the reservation as permanent State forest over certain lands in the Auckland Land District, and setting the same apart as scenic reserves

8 Adding a municipal reserve to Waikaraka Cemetery and authorising the Onehunga Borough Council to raise a loan of £15,000, etc

9 Vesting in the Roman Catholic Bishop of the Diocese of Auckland Sections 94 and 49 of the Village of Taupiri, the former in trust for a burial ground and the latter without words of limitation

10 Authorising the issue of a certificate of title to the executor of the will of George Brown Oman for Lot 1, DP 2276, Gisborne Land Registry

11 Authorising the Cook Hospital Board to sell certain land [Repealed]

12 Revoking the reservation for scenic purposes over Section 4S, Huatoki Settlement, cancelling the vesting of the control thereof in the Huatoki Scenic Board, and adding the said Section 4S and Section 9S, Huatoki Settlement, to the Huatoki Domain

13 Authorising the Taranaki Land Board to incorporate in a lease of education-endowment land certain other land after the transfer thereof to His Majesty the King

14 Revesting portion of the National Art Gallery site in His Majesty the King, vesting an additional area in the Board of Trustees of the National Art Gallery, and revesting a site for educational purposes in His Majesty the King [Repealed]

15 Revoking the reservation for recreation purposes over Section 47, Block XIII, Makuri Survey District, and declaring the same to be reserved for scenic purposes

16 Vesting in Mary McKain the leasehold interest in Section 15, Horowhenua Village Homestead Settlement

17 Authorising the Picton Borough Council to sell certain land

18 Declaring 7 100 acres of the Buller Coal Field Reserve to be a scenic reserve

19 Validating a certain deed of lease between His Majesty the King and the Lyttelton and Heathcote Recreation Trust, and validating certain payments by the Lyttelton and Heathcote Domain Board, and authorising the making of similar payments in the future

20 Validating an agreement as to reclamation of lands at the mouth of the Hutt River, and providing for the taking of land adjoining or near to the reclamation

21 Validating transfers of portions of Reserve 1867, Block X, Oxford Survey District, Canterbury Land District

22 Authorising the Taupo Domain Board to expend its funds towards repayment of a loan to be raised by the Taupo Road Board for the construction of thermal baths upon the Domain

23 Authorising the restricted use of certain land in Section 5, Evans Bay Registration District, as a burial ground

24 Cancelling the reservation as provisional State forest over certain lands in Nelson Land District, and setting the same apart as scenic reserves

25 Authorising creation of an easement for water supply over education reserve lands for Waikari School bath

26 Cancelling the reservation as provisional and permanent State forest over certain lands in the Westland Land District, and setting the same apart as scenic reserves

27 Authorising the diversion of moneys derived from the Opotiki and Waioeka Domain towards the establishment of an aerodrome

28 Authorising the Opotiki Hospital Board to sell Allotments 365, 366, and 411 of Section 2, Town of Opotiki, provided certain freehold land held by the Board is declared to be a public reserve [Repealed]

29 Cancelling the reservation as a provisional State forest over certain land in Marlborough Land District, and setting the same apart as a scenic reserve

30 Extending powers of Auckland City Council to borrow moneys for purposes of a transport terminus on the old railway station site

31 Restricting the right to alienate lands acquired from the Waikato Land Settlement Society [Repealed]

32 Authorising the Trustees of the New Zealand Sheepowners' Acknowledgment of Debt to British Seamen Fund to sell land to the Crown, and authorising the acquisition of the said land on behalf of His Majesty the King

Reprint notes

An Act to provide for the sale, reservation, and other disposition of certain reserves, Crown lands, endowments, and other lands, to validate certain transactions, and to make provision in respect of certain other matters