Reserves and other Lands Disposal Act 1937

Reprint as at 3 April 1985

Reserves and other Lands Disposal Act 1937

Public Act1937 No 39
Date of assent15 March 1938
Commencement15 March 1938


Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this reprint.

A general outline of these changes is set out in the notes at the end of this reprint, together with other explanatory material about this reprint.

This Act is administered by Land Information New Zealand.



1 Short Title

2 Section 7 of the Canterbury Provincial Buildings Vesting Act 1928 amended

3 Authorising the acquisition of land for sale to the Hawera Co-operative Dairy Factory Co., Ltd.

4 Validating the granting of leases over Subdivisions 1 and 2 of Runs 161 and 162 (Mokoreta)

5 Section 20 of Rotorua Town Lands Act 1920 and Schedule 3 of that Act extended

6 Providing for the reclamation of portion of the bed of the Greymouth Harbour

7 Validating payments made by the Ohai Domain Board

8 Revoking the reservation over portion of the Wanganui River Trust Domain and authorising the incorporation thereof in a lease of adjoining land

9 Empowering Thames Borough Council to sell portion of its endowment and to apply the proceeds towards the cost of new municipal offices

10 Enabling the Land Court of the Cook Islands to determine the ownership of the Island of Takutea

11 Authorising the Taumarunui Borough Council to grant a lease to the Taumarunui Fire Board

12 Reserving land for a public cemetery and vesting it in the Corporation of the Borough of Taumarunui

13 Validating the payment by the Matamata Borough Council of the balance of a loan for water supply purposes towards the purchase of land for scenic purposes

14 Setting apart Sections 202 and 203, Town of Dobson, for the establishment of a rescue station in terms of section 6 of the Coal Mines Amendment Act 1936

15 Adding portion of the Buller Coal Field Reserve to the Denniston Domain

16 Adding portion of the Buller Coal Field Reserve to the Stockton Domain

17 Reappointing a disqualified member of the Patutahi Domain Board

18 Vesting certain Auckland Grammar School land in the Corporation of the County of Manukau

19 Revoking the reservation as an endowment for primary education over land in the Town of Pahi and adding the said land to the Pahi Domain

20 Declaring certain land in Nelson Land District to be a scenic reserve and making provision for payment of compensation to any persons having beneficial interests therein

21 Revoking the reservation for scenic purposes over certain land and adding it to the Ngakuta Domain

22 Extending leasing powers with respect to the Pukaahu Hot Springs Domain

23 Adding the reserve described in the Schedule of the Blueskin Recreation Reserve Act 1876 to the Warrington Domain

24 Cancelling the reservation as provisional State forest over certain land in Nelson Land District and declaring it, together with certain Crown land, to be a scenic reserve

25 Setting apart portion of the Westport Colliery Reserve as a reserve for public recreation

26 Revoking reservations over certain lands and declaring them to be subject to the Scenery Preservation Act 1908

27 Making provision for the management and administration of the Mount Smart Domain [Repealed]

28 Providing for revaluations under certain leases and licences of land in Te Kuiti, Taumarunui, and Otorohanga [Repealed]


Reprint notes

An Act to provide for the sale, reservation, and other disposition of certain reserves, Crown lands, endowments, and other lands, to validate certain transactions, and to make provision in respect of certain other matters