Reserves and other Lands Disposal Act 1938

  • This version was replaced on 24 January 2017 to make a correction to section 22(3A) under section 25(1)(j)(iii) and (iv) of the Legislation Act 2012.

Reprint as at 13 January 1984

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Reserves and other Lands Disposal Act 1938

Public Act
1938 No 19
Date of assent
16 September 1938
16 September 1938

Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this reprint.

A general outline of these changes is set out in the notes at the end of this reprint, together with other explanatory material about this reprint.

This Act is administered by Land Information New Zealand.


1Short Title
2Authorising the grant of additional land to the registered proprietors of Allotment 68, Parish of Waikomiti, North Auckland Land District, as compensation for a shortage in area
3Defining the status of certain lands in Kopuru Parish, North Auckland Land District
4Validating a Warrant and Orders in Council relating to Allotment 142, Kopuru Parish, North Auckland Land District
5Revoking the reservation over and the vesting of part Allotment 15, Karioi Parish, Auckland Land District, and redescribing and again reserving the said allotment and revesting portion thereof in the Raglan County Council
6Section 9 of the Reserves and other Lands Disposal Act 1937 amended
7Cancelling the reservation over certain education endowment lands in Auckland Land District, and setting them apart as permanent State forest
8Vesting Section 451, Town of Hamilton West, in the Waikato Diocesan Trust Board
9Authorising issue of new lease of Lot 12, DP 8673, Wellington Registry, without payment of present value of lessors’ reversionary interest in certain improvements
10Section 26 of the Reserves and other Lands Disposal Act 1933 repealed
11Validating sale and purchase of Flock House Station
12Abolishing the Moumahaki and Weraroa Endowments [Repealed]
13Making sections 359 and 360 of the Land Act 1924 applicable to the Buller Coal Field and the Westport Colliery Reserves [Repealed]
14Cancelling the reservation over portion of the Kopuru Domain and authorising the disposal thereof
15Revesting in the Union Bank of Australia certain land in City of Christchurch
16Validating an advance granted by the Lands Development Board
17Authorising the Waiuku Town Board to expend the revenue from certain land in managing, administering, and improving the Massey Park Domain and other land set apart for recreation purposes, and under the control of the Board [Repealed]
18Extending the leasing powers of the Waihi Borough Council in respect of certain lands in the Waihi Beach Township, and declaring certain other lands in the said Township to be recreation reserves
19Validating an agreement between the Waikato Land Settlement Society, Incorporated, and the Crown
20Dissolving body corporate known as Queenstown Racecourse Trustees, and transferring their assets and liabilities to Frankton Aerodrome Board
21Restriction on construction of drains, etc, likely to endanger Tarawera River improvement works [Repealed]
22Validating a burial in private ground and providing for the setting aside of private burial grounds for the Burnett family
23Validating a certain payment by the Waikawa Domain Board
24Authorising trustees of will of late Sir John Logan Campbell to expend certain trust funds
25Validating payments made by the Woodend Domain Board
26Providing for the care, management, and protection of the national park areas along Te Anau – Milford Sound Road [Repealed]
27Authorising an exchange of lands between His Majesty and Auckland City Council, and validating a transfer of land to the Council
28Validating the borrowing of certain moneys by the Westshore Domain Board, and validating payments of interest and repayment of principal
29Validating the borrowing of certain moneys by the South Egmont Local Committee of the Egmont National Park Board, and validating past payments and empowering future payments of principal and interest
30Validating certain payments by the Brighton Domain Board
31Authorising the Minister of Public Works to construct the Lake Forsyth outlet to the sea and provisions incidental thereto [Repealed]
32Providing for the transfer to Gisborne Land Registry of certificates of title wrongly registered in Hawke’s Bay Registry
33Declaring Crown land on Farewell Spit a reserve for the preservation of flora and fauna, authorising the reservation as a sanctuary of areas below high-water mark in the vicinity, and providing for the care and protection of all the same [Repealed]
34Vesting land fronting Wellington Railway Station in the Corporation of the City of Wellington for street purposes
35Special provision for application of proceeds from sale of trees on the Okotuku Domain
36Vesting Section 13, Block XIV, Town of Manaia, in His Majesty as an addition to the Manaia Domain
37Authorising the Wellington City Council to use portion of the Town Belt for a motor camp
38Vesting part of Waterloo Quay in the Corporation of the City of Wellington as a street and provisions incidental thereto
39Declaring certain Crown land to be education endowment and authorising Taranaki Land Board to incorporate the same in education-endowment leases of adjoining land
40Validating a certain payment by the Papanui Domain Board
Reprint notes

An Act to provide for the sale, reservation, and other disposition of certain reserves, Crown lands, endowments, and other lands, to validate certain transactions, and to make provision in respect of certain other matters