Statutes Amendment Act 1938

Reprint as at 1 July 2013

Statutes Amendment Act 1938

Public Act1938 No 20
Date of assent16 September 1938


Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this eprint.

A general outline of these changes is set out in the notes at the end of this eprint, together with other explanatory material about this eprint.

This Act is administered by the Ministry of Justice.



1 Short Title

Auckland University College

2 Chairman of Professorial Board when no Principal in office [Repealed]

Canterbury Agricultural College

3 Varying provisions as to election of Board of Governors of the Canterbury Agricultural College [Repealed]

Canterbury University College

4 By-laws of Canterbury University College Council need not be approved by Governor-General


5 Removal of restriction on the establishment of private burial-grounds [Repealed]


6 County Councils may insure members against personal accident while engaged in duties [Repealed]

7 County Councils may make by-laws relating to construction of dams [Repealed]

Destitute persons

8 Guardianship order under Destitute Persons Act 1910, may be revoked or varied


9 Seamen not debarred from voting under general provisions of Electoral Act 1927 [Repealed]

10 Chief Electoral Officer to make arrangements for taking votes of electors on ships about to leave New Zealand after nomination of candidates for general election [Repealed]

Electric-power boards

11 This section and next four sections to form part of Electric-power Boards Act 1925

12 Establishment of polling-places outside electric-power districts

13 Section 76 of principal Act (as to purchase of electric works) amended

14 Purchase of depreciation-fund investments with electric works

15 Authorizing Electric-power Boards to raise certain loans

Electric-power boards and Supply Authorities Association

16 Remuneration of President of Electric-power Boards and Supply Authorities Association of New Zealand


17 Persons in factories entitled to payment of wages for holidays [Repealed]

Fair rents

18 Duration of Fair Rents Act, 1936, extended. Consequential repeal. [Repealed]

19 Landlord entitled to access to execute repairs [Repealed]

Government railways

20 Extending provisions as to superannuation rights and rights of reappointment of certain persons associated with Railway Service [Repealed]

21 Section 14 of Government Railways Amendment Act, 1936, amended [Repealed]

Hospitals and charitable institutions

22 Travelling-allowances to members of committees of management [Repealed]

23 Hospital Boards authorized to make payments to servants undergoing special training [Repealed]

Justices of the Peace

24 Stay of proceedings in respect of indictable offences [Repealed]


25 Forms of deferred payment licenses need not be prescribed by regulations [Repealed]

26 Application of section 216 of Land Act 1924 extended [Repealed]

Law practitioners

27 This section and next five sections to form part of Law Practitioners Act 1931 [Repealed]

28 Maximum number of members of Disciplinary Committee increased [Repealed]

29 Disciplinary Committee may sanction employment by solicitor of person struck off roll or suspended from practice [Repealed]

30 Right to appeal against taxation of costs [Repealed]

31 Barrister or solicitor acting without certificate liable to a fine. Repeals [Repealed]

32 Sections 5 and 13 of principal Act amended [Repealed]


33 As to date of election of Licensing Committees. Repeals

Life insurance

34 Section 8 of Life Insurance Act 1908, amended. Repeal. Consequential amendments

Magistrates' Courts

35 This section and next three sections to form part of Magistrates' Courts Act, 1928 [Repealed]

36 Assignment of debt not to alter proper Court for lodging plaint [Repealed]

37 Sections 164 and 167 of principal Act (as to appeals) amended [Repealed]

38 Stay of proceedings on appeal [Repealed]


39 Section 106 of Mining Act 1926 (as to mineral licenses), extended and amended

Motor-vehicles insurance (third-party risks)

40 Insurance to include indemnity against claims for contribution [Repealed]

New Zealand Institute of Architects

41 Former members of Institute may be re-registered as members


42 Providing for additional member of Opticians Board


43 Pharmaceutical chemists may serve apprenticeship in approved private hospitals [Repealed]

Physical welfare and recreation

44 Increasing membership of National Council of Physical Welfare and Recreation

Police force

45 Appointment of women police [Repealed]

Police offences

46 Imitation, etc, of bank-notes

Post and telegraph

47 Section 5 of Post and Telegraph Amendment Act 1936, amended [Repealed]

Public reserves, domains, and national parks

48 This section and next four sections to form part of Public Reserves, Domains, and National Parks Act 1928 [Repealed]

49 Section 21 of principal Act amended [Repealed]

50 Extending power to lease recreation reserves [Repealed]

51 As to publication of by-laws made by Domain Boards [Repealed]

52 Trustees of public reserves and members of Boards may enter into contracts of service with trustees or Boards [Repealed]

Rabbit nuisance

53 Rabbit Board in receipt of subsidy may expend moneys in destruction of rabbits on private land [Repealed]


54 Authorizing remission of additional charge of 10 per cent on unpaid rates

Scenery preservation

55 Lands in State forests may be set aside as scenic reserves [Repealed]


56 This section and next two sections to form part of Trustee Act 1908 [Repealed]

57 Accrued interest on debentures or stock sold or purchased [Repealed]

58 Section 113 of principal Act applied to trusts created before 2nd November, 1901 [Repealed]

Victoria University College

59 This section and next two sections to form part of Victoria University College Act 1933

60 Appointment of additional member of Council to represent students

61 By-laws of Council need not be approved by Governor-General

Workers' compensation

62 Weekly payments of compensation under the Workers' Compensation Act 1922, not to be discontinued except in accordance with this section [Repealed]

Reprint notes

An Act to amend certain Acts of the General Assembly of New Zealand.

BE IT ENACTED by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows: