Finance Act (No 2) 1939

  • repealed
  • Finance Act (No 2) 1939: repealed, on 3 June 2017, by section 3(1) of the Statutes Repeal Act 2017 (2017 No 23).

Reprint as at 3 June 2017

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Finance Act (No 2) 1939

Public Act
1939 No 38
Date of assent
6 October 1939
6 October 1939

Finance Act (No 2) 1939: repealed, on 3 June 2017, by section 3(1) of the Statutes Repeal Act 2017 (2017 No 23).


Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this official reprint.

Note 4 at the end of this reprint provides a list of the amendments incorporated.

This Act is administered by the Treasury.


1Short Title
2Tasman air service [Repealed]
3State Coal mines Sinking Fund [Repealed]
4Authorising payment of additional subsidies from Consolidated Fund into several Superannuation Funds [Repealed]
5Validating payment for shares in New Zealand Centennial Exhibition Co., Ltd
6Retrospective operation of regulations as to payment of Naval Forces [Repealed]
7Validating payment out of Internal Marketing Account in respect of cheese not exported
8Grants of licences in respect of inventions, etc, to be subject to conveyance duty [Repealed]
9Stamp duty payable on receipts not formally executed [Repealed]
10Extending exemption from death duties of soldiers’ estates [Repealed]
11Temporary advances to Social Security Fund from Consolidated Fund [Repealed]
12As to refunds to consumers of electricity in Gore of certain charges, and as to future charges
13Interpretation [Repealed]
14Provision for pensions in event of death or disablement of members of New Zealand forces [Repealed]
15Claims for pensions to be dealt with by War Pensions Board [Repealed]
16Appeals from decisions of Board [Repealed]
17Economic pensions [Repealed]
18In computing pension payable under this Part, income in nature of pension or retiring allowance to be taken into account [Repealed]
19References in other Acts to war pensions to include references to pensions under this Part [Repealed]
20Repeal [Repealed]
21This Part to be read with National Provident Fund Act 1926 [Repealed]
22Extension of definition of expression permanent staff in relation to hospitals [Repealed]
23Section 11 of principal Act amended [Repealed]
24Section 12 of principal Act amended [Repealed]
25Section 15 of principal Act amended [Repealed]
26Payments under section 19 of principal Act not to be taken into account in computing refunds of contributions [Repealed]
27Section 27 of principal Act amended [Repealed]
28Section 28 of principal Act amended [Repealed]
29Section 34 of principal Act amended [Repealed]
30Provision for retirement on pension of employees of local authorities before the retiring age prescribed by pension scheme [Repealed]
31Married conttibutors may elect to accept reduced pensions in consideration of increased pensions to widows [Repealed]
32Money payable to infant may be paid to other person on his behalf [Repealed]
33Payments on account of deceased contributors without production of probate or letters of administration [Repealed]
34Section 61 of principal Act amended [Repealed]
35Crown liability for special rates in respect of redemption loans [Repealed]
36Payment of loan charges out of general fund not to affect Crown’s liability for special rates, or to increase subsidy on general rates [Repealed]
37Extending authority of Hospital Boards to borrow during financial year ended 31 March 1939 [Repealed]
38Section 33 of the Finance Act 1938 amended [Repealed]
39Water supply charges by local authority contributing to cost of Government water supply works, etc [Repealed]
40Authorising local authorities to contribute to the Red Cross Centennial Fund
41Leave of absence on pay or part pay to employees of local authorities on naval, military, or air service
42Members of Parliament not disqualified by reason of being members of His Majesty’s Forces [Repealed]
43Disqualification provisions as to members of General Assembly not to apply to certain payments
44Validating appointment of a former member of Parliament as a public servant
45Providing for superannuation for the Naval Forces [Repealed]
46Special superannuation rights of members of Naval Forces, Army, and Air Force [Repealed]
47Altering dates for actuarial examinations of several superannuation funds [Repealed]
48Preserving superannuation rights of J A Gilmour, Esquire, SM [Repealed]
49Authorising payment of portion of certain amounts deducted from superannuation allowance of John Stevenson, Esquire [Repealed]
50Validating certain payments by Dunedin Savings-bank
51Authorising payment by New Plymouth Savings-bank to Mr M T Phillips
Reprint notes

An Act to make provision with respect to public finance and other matters