Statutes Amendment Act 1939

Reprint as at 5 December 2013

Statutes Amendment Act 1939

Public Act
1939 No 39
Date of assent
7 October 1939

Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this eprint. See the notes at the end of this eprint for further details.


1Short Title
2Executors’ commission may be apportioned [Repealed]
3Offences in relation to uniforms and badges [Repealed]
4Extending power to make regulations under the Air Navigation Act 1931 [Repealed]
5Repealing provisions as to registration of fathers of illegitimate children [Repealed]
6Application of Chattels Transfer Act to book debts [Repealed]
7Extending quota provisions [Repealed]
8Application of moneys appropriated to assist the coal-mining industry [Repealed]
9This section and next three sections to form part of Companies Act 1933 [Repealed]
10Application for membership of a company not to be contained in a proposal for insurance [Repealed]
11Date for making declaration of solvency where private company passes winding-up resolution by entry in minute-book [Repealed]
12Provisional liquidator may be appointed by private company where resolution for a creditors’ voluntary winding-up is passed by entry in minute-book [Repealed]
13Surrenders of shares by co-operative fish-marketing companies [Repealed]
14Damages may be placed in trust when apportioned [Repealed]
15Transfer of deeds to custody of libraries and museums [Repealed]
16Sections 25 and 26 of Dogs Registration Act 1908, amended [Repealed]
17Officers of Public Service engaged as teachers may be placed under control of Minister of Education [Repealed]
18This section and next three sections to form part of Evidence Act 1908 [Repealed]
19Proof of convictions [Repealed]
20Repeal [Repealed]
21Powers as to oaths and notarial acts outside New Zealand [Repealed]
22Part 2 of Family Protection Act applied to intestate estates [Repealed]
23Orders may be made affecting parts of estate held by trustees [Repealed]
24This section and next five sections to form part of Forests Act 1921-22 [Repealed]
25Definition of forest produce extended [Repealed]
26Section 6 of principal Act amended [Repealed]
27Limitation of power to license the taking of forest produce [Repealed]
28Section 38 of principal Act amended [Repealed]
29Validation of prior acts [Repealed]
30Authorizing High Commissioner to appoint temporary officers [Repealed]
31Repeal [Repealed]
32Remedies for trespass by cattle on unfenced land in certain cases [Repealed]
33Limitation on registration of societies
34Amendment of definition of child in respect of adoption of children [Repealed]
35This section and next three sections to form part of Juries Act 1908 [Repealed]
36Special jury-book [Repealed]
37Cases in which special jury may be ordered [Repealed]
38Repeals [Repealed]
39Assistant Secretaries of Labour [Repealed]
40Power to postpone local elections [Repealed]
41As to marriage of persons under sixteen years of age [Repealed]
42Repealing restrictions on married women entering into partnership [Repealed]
43Extension of protection afforded by section 6 of Mental Health Amendment Act 1935 [Repealed]
44This section and next four sections to form part of the Mining Act 1926 [Repealed]
45Application of moneys appropriated to assist the mining industry [Repealed]
46Power to make and enforce agreements [Repealed]
47Certain mining privileges not to be forfeited without consent [Repealed]
48Repeals [Repealed]
49Power of High Court to interpret and amend orders
50Certain applications under National Expenditure Adjustment Act 1932, not to be referred to Adjustment Commissions
51Authorizing Borough Councils to make and levy separate rates for Centennial purposes
52Local authorities may expend moneys on maintenance of memorials
53Power for Senate to confer diplomas, etc, on students on war service notwithstanding that Acts or regulations have not been wholly complied with [Repealed]
54Conditions of release on probation [Repealed]
55Authorizing mining operations on roads and streets with consent of appropriate Minister after consultation with local body [Repealed]
56This section and next three sections to form part of Police Offences Act 1927 [Repealed]
57Restriction on use of certain names [Repealed]
58Section 41 of principal Act amended as to imprisonment in default of payment of fine [Repealed]
59Offences in relation to intoxicating liquor at dances [Repealed]
60This section and next four sections to form part of Public Works Act 1928 [Repealed]
61Improvement of farm lands [Repealed]
62Power to take particular estates or interests or land subject thereto [Repealed]
63Time for claiming compensation for damage may be extended [Repealed]
64Costs in claims for compensation [Repealed]
65Section 27 of Rating Act 1925, amended [Repealed]
66River Boards may insure members against personal accident while engaged in duties [Repealed]
67Official report to be in shorthand, and such parts as are directed to be transcribed. Repeal. Consequential amendment [Repealed]
68Secretary for War Pensions. Consequential amendments [Repealed]
69Changing name of New Zealand Wool Publicity Committee [Repealed]
70Power to establish separate Court for workers’ compensation cases [Repealed]
Reprint notes

An Act to amend certain Acts of the General Assembly of New Zealand.

BE IT ENACTED by the General Assembly of New Zealand in Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, as follows:—