Maori Purposes Act 1947

  • This version was reprinted on 2 June 2016 to make a correction to section 50(5) under section 25(1)(j)(ii) of the Legislation Act 2012.

Reprint as at 1 July 2003

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Maori Purposes Act 1947

Public Act
1947 No 59
Date of assent
27 November 1947
27 November 1947

Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this reprint.

A general outline of these changes is set out in the notes at the end of this reprint, together with other explanatory material about this reprint.

This Act is administered by Te Puni Kōkiri.


1Short Title
2Alteration of term Native to Maori
3Appointment of Minister of Maori Affairs [Repealed]
4Alteration of Short Title of Native Land Act 1931 and consequential amendments [Repealed]
5Alteration of Short Title of Native Trustee Act 1930 and consequential amendments [Repealed]
6Alteration of Short Title of Board of Native Affairs Act 1934–35 and consequential amendment [Repealed]
7Alteration of Short Title of Native Townships Act 1910 [Repealed]
8Alteration of Short Title of Native Housing Act 1935
9General provisions relating to changes in description
10Foregoing provisions not to apply to Cook Islands Act 1915 or Samoa Act 1921
11Provisions of Maori Land Act 1931 to apply to Parts 2, 3, and 4
12Section 23 of Maori Social and Economic Advancement Act 1945 (as to subsidies) amended [Repealed]
13Amendments of section 47 of Maori Social and Economic Advancement Act 1945 authorising persons charged with breach of bylaws to elect summary trial and providing for penalties for breaches of bylaws to be paid into funds of Tribal Committees [Repealed]
14Proceedings may be taken under section 47 of Maori Social and Economic Advancement Act 1945 for an offence against section 41 of that Act [Repealed]
15Appointment of Tribal Executive under Maori Social and Economic Advancement Act 1945 for Rotorua Borough
16Extending power of court to make exchange, partition, and trusteeship orders in respect of land in respect of which a succession order has been made in favour of Europeans [Repealed]
17Court may make order laying off roads or ways over adjoining Crown land [Repealed]
18Lease of Crown land declared to be subject to Part I of Maori Land Amendment Act 1936 may be granted for term exceeding 50 years [Repealed]
19Extending powers of Maori Trustee to act for absentee owners [Repealed]
20Authorising Maori Trustee to expend amount for benefit of Maori from net profits of Maori Trust Office [Repealed]
21Incorporation of owners of Mangatu Nos 1, 3, and 4 Blocks [Repealed]
22Cancellation of deeds of trust and court orders affecting said land [Repealed]
23Property to be held in trust by body corporate for owners [Repealed]
24Equitable owners to be members of body corporate [Repealed]
25Affairs of body corporate to be managed by Committee [Repealed]
26Annual meetings of equitable owners [Repealed]
27Vacation of office by member [Repealed]
28Validity of order of appointment [Repealed]
29Meetings and procedure of Committee [Repealed]
30Powers and functions of Committee [Repealed]
31Certain provisions of principal Act applied to body corporate [Repealed]
32General powers of body corporate [Repealed]
33Body corporate may lease land [Repealed]
34Body corporate may alienate land for school site [Repealed]
35Body corporate may donate funds for certain purposes [Repealed]
36Borrowing powers of body corporate [Repealed]
37Body corporate may aquire land [Repealed]
38As to transfers of interests between equitable owners [Repealed]
39Applications to court to be made by Committee [Repealed]
40Body corporate may acquire shares in companies [Repealed]
41Body corporate may promote and hold shares in timber milling companies [Repealed]
42Bank account [Repealed]
43Accounts and audit [Repealed]
44Travelling expenses [Repealed]
45Appointment of manager and financial adviser [Repealed]
46Validating certain partitions and roadline orders [Repealed]
47Authorising Waikato-Maniapoto District Maori Land Board to purchase part of closed street in Otorohanga Town District and lease it to adjoining lessees [Repealed]
48Increasing penalty for illegal fishing in Lake Rotoaira [Repealed]
49As to the administration of Tikitiki Memorial Park
50Authorising East Coast Commissioner to create a reserve fund, to apportion the same, and to make orders revesting land in equitable owners
51Authorising Ngatiporou Co-operative Dairy Co., Ltd., to contribute to cost of Uepohatu War Memorial Hall [Repealed]
52Authorising Whakarua Park Board to delegate powers to committees
53Section 15 of Maori Purposes Act 1943 amended [Repealed]
54Extending time for making and hearing of applications under section 15 of Maori Purposes Act 1946 [Repealed]
55Chief Judge may refer petitions in Schedule to court for report [Repealed]
Reprint notes

An Act to provide for the alteration of the statutory description of persons belonging to the Maori race from Native to Maori, to make consequential amendments to various enactments relating to the Maori people, to amend the law relating to Maori and Maori land, to confer jurisdiction upon the Maori Land Court, and for other purposes