Local Legislation Act 1949

Reprint as at 1 July 2003

Local Legislation Act 1949

Public Act1949 No 35
Date of assent21 October 1949
Commencement21 October 1949


Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this reprint.

A general outline of these changes is set out in the notes at the end of this reprint, together with other explanatory material about this reprint.

This Act is administered by the Department of Internal Affairs.



1 Short Title

County councils

2 Validating raising of certain loan moneys by Wairewa County Council

3 Authorising Murchison County Council to refund its County Fund Account in respect of moneys expended in purchase of electrical machinery

4 Validating making and levying of drainage rate by Waimate County Council

5 Vesting certain libraries in the Corporation of the County of Lake

6 Special provisions with regard to advance made by Geraldine County Council from County Fund Account

7 Authorising Hobson County Council to raise a special loan for housing purposes

8 Authorising Hutt County Council to sell certain land

City and borough councils

9 Provision with respect to refund to general account from loan moneys by Auckland City Council

10 Authorising Hamilton City Council to contribute £500 towards cost of motion-picture film

11 Authorising Wellington City Council to transfer moneys from the Selling-price Stabilisation Reserve Fund

12 Validating certain expenditure incurred by the Whangarei Borough Council

13 Authorising remission of rates by Napier Borough Council [Repealed]

14 Special provision with respect to purchase of collection of Maori antiques by Hastings Borough Council

15 Validating raising of loan by Kaitaia Borough Council

16 Authorising Christchurch City Council to contribute towards cost of air race

17 Authorising payment of compensation in respect of land taken for street purposes in Taranaki Street, in the City of Wellington

18 Validating raising of portion of loan moneys by Te Kuiti Borough Council

19 Authorising raising of special loan by Waipukurau Borough Council

20 Validating variation of terms of raising Street Improvement Loan, 1947, and Domain Housing Loan, 1947, by Ashburton Borough Council

21 Authorising Dunedin City Renewal Fund Commissioners to make payment to Dunedin City Council for gasworks purposes

Electric power boards

22 Validating variation of terms of raising of portion of Reticulation and Building Loan, 1946, by Waitomo Electric-power Board

23 Authorising Marlborough Electric-power Board to raise a special loan of £17,000

24 Authorising Buller Electric-power Board to borrow moneys for the purpose of meeting temporary financial difficulties

River Board

25 Provision with respect to renewal of mortgage by Manawatu-Oroua River Board

Fire Board

26 Validating agreement made between Upper Hutt Fire Board and the Crown

Hospital boards

27 Validating irregularities in connection with raising of loan by South Otago Hospital Board, and authorising Board to raise balance of loan

28 Varying conditions of vesting of Wilson Home for Crippled Children in Auckland Hospital Board

Affecting 2 or more classes of public bodies

29 Authorising Onehunga Patriotic Committee to transfer funds to Onehunga Borough Council for war memorial purposes

30 Provision with respect to taking over of Westport Borough Council's electric-supply undertaking by Buller Electric-power Board

31 Validating an agreement between the Hutt County Council and the Wellington City Council

32 Authorising Wellington City Council and Wellington Harbour Board to install clock and bells on private property

33 Authorising Hastings Borough Council to sell certain lands to Hawke's Bay Crematorium Board

34 Authorising Vincent County Council to transfer certain land to Vincent and Maniototo Hospital Boards

35 Provision with respect to diversion of unexpended loan moneys by Cook County Council and Gisborne Borough Council

36 Provision with respect to the constitution of Hutt Valley Joint Transit Housing Committee [Repealed]


37 Vesting certain land held by the Presbyterian Church Property Trustees in the Corporation of the City of Christchurch

38 Validating an agreement made between Auckland Veterans' Home Board and the New Zealand Patriotic Fund Board and Canteen Fund Board

39 Vesting certain land held by Presbyterian Church Property Trustees in the Corporation of the County of Featherston

40 Validating certain transfers of moneys by South Canterbury Catchment Board for administration purposes

41 Validating certain expenditure incurred by Christchurch Tramway Board in publicising a loan poll

42 Provisions with respect to contracts of Kekerangu Rabbit Board

Reprint notes

An Act to confer certain powers on certain public bodies and to validate certain transactions