Finance Act 1949

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Reprint as at 29 June 1988

Finance Act 1949

Public Act1949 No 39
Date of assent21 October 1949
Commencement21 October 1949


Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this reprint.

A general outline of these changes is set out in the notes at the end of this reprint, together with other explanatory material about this reprint.

This Act is administered by the Treasury.



1 Short Title

Part 1
Public revenues

2 Validating excess unauthorized expenditure

3 Export duty on gold abolished

4 Amending provisions as to refund of portion of sales tax paid in respect of materials used in manufacture of omnibuses or tramcars [Repealed]

5 Repeal of provision for refund of part of brewery supervision fees

6 Payment of purchase price for farm land purchased or taken for settlement of discharged servicemen [Repealed]

7 Government Insurance Commissioner may borrow on overdraft from Reserve Bank [Repealed]

8 Loans from Government Insurance Account for residential accommodation [Repealed]

9 Purchase of motor cars for resale to officers of Government Insurance Department [Repealed]

10 Altering date for refunds of deposits under Insurance Companies' Deposits Act 1921–22 in respect of employers' liability insurance [Repealed]

11 Workers' compensation to be paid at increased rates in all cases where employer is the Crown or is insured with Government Accident Insurance Office [Repealed]

12 Increasing allowance to Speaker of House of Representatives [Repealed]

13 Salary of Controller and Auditor-General [Repealed]

Part 2
Local authorities and public bodies

14 Application of surplus of separate or special rate [Repealed]

15 Milk Authorities Association [Repealed]

16 Local authorities may contribute towards cost of holding British Empire Games

17 Repealing provisions as to apportionment of expenditure of Thames Hospital Board [Repealed]

18 Validating payment by Awanui Harbour Board

19 Water-supply agreements and charges [Repealed]

Part 3

20 Provisions as to disqualification of members of General Assembly not to apply in certain cases

21 Limitation of award to part of industrial district [Repealed]

22 Salaries of nominated members of Court of Arbitration [Repealed]

23 Islington Substation Railway authorized [Repealed]

24 Certain officers of State Advances Corporation not subject to Public Service Act 1912 [Repealed]

25 Principal orders of the Government Railways Industrial Tribunal

26 Amending provisions as to Post and Telegraph Department sick benefit fund [Repealed]

27 Disposal of regimental funds on reconstitution of Territorial Force units [Repealed]

28 Preserving superannuation rights of A M Goulding, Esquire, Chairman of the Licensing Control Commission

29 Validating expenditure by New Plymouth Savings Bank in connection with centennial celebrations



Reprint notes

An Act to make provision with respect to public finance and other matters