Part 3 Registration

33 Registrar to keep register


Each Registrar shall keep a register, whether in the form of a book or otherwise, and shall bind up or include therein a duplicate of every grant of land and of every certificate of title to land within his district, and each such duplicate grant or certificate of title shall constitute a separate folium of the register, and the Registrar shall record thereon the particulars of all instruments, dealings, and other matters by this Act required to be registered affecting the land included under each such grant or certificate of title.


The provisions of this Act or of any other Act or of any regulation, rule, bylaw, order, or other enactment, or of any deed, instrument, or other document whatsoever relating to the register book under this Act or to any grant or certificate of title bound in the register or in the register book or to any volume of the register or of the register book shall, in any case where the register or any part thereof is kept otherwise than in the form of a book, be read subject to such modifications as may be necessary, having regard to the form in which the register or part thereof is kept.

Section 33: replaced, on 29 September 1961, by section 2 of the Land Transfer Amendment Act 1961 (1961 No 9).

Section 33(2): amended, on 30 November 1982, by section 2 of the Land Transfer Amendment Act (No 2) 1982 (1982 No 115).