Provisional registration

50 Until register duly constituted, land to be provisionally registered

Until a folium of the register has been duly constituted for any land under this Act, all dealings, memorials, and entries affecting that land shall be provisionally registered as hereinafter provided, that is to say,—


for the purposes of provisional registration, and for the recording of all dealings and entries, a certificate under the hand of the Director-General of Lands to the effect that the purchase money has been paid, or the order of the Maori Land Court declaring that the lands shall be held in freehold tenure, shall take the place of a Crown grant:


every such certificate or order shall be issued in duplicate, and it shall be the duty of the person issuing the same to forward 1 duplicate to the Registrar of the district in which the land is situate:


the Registrar shall embody all such duplicates in a book or other means of filing (hereinafter called the provisional register), and each certificate or order shall form a separate folium thereof, and shall be numbered accordingly, and when so numbered shall be deemed duly registered.

Compare: 1915 No 35 s 46; 1920 No 43 s 30; 1925 No 20 s 6; 1947 No 59 s 4

Section 50(a): amended, on 1 April 1987, by section 65(1) of the Conservation Act 1987 (1987 No 65).

Section 50(c): amended, on 7 October 1966, by section 7 of the Land Transfer Amendment Act 1966 (1966 No 37).