Wildlife Act 1953

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  • This version was republished on 7 May 2018 to make a correction to Schedule 10.

Schedule 7 Terrestrial and freshwater invertebrates declared to be animals

ss 2, 7B

Schedule 7: inserted, on 19 September 1980, by section 3(3) of the Wildlife Amendment Act 1980 (1980 No 17).


Acrididae (grasshoppers)—
Brachaspis robustus Bigelow 1967 (robust grasshopper)
Sigaus childi Jamieson 1999
Anostostomatidae (giant, ground, tree, and tusked weta)—
Deinacrida (giant weta)—
all species
Hemideina ricta (Hutton 1897) (Banks Peninsula tree weta)
Motuweta isolata Johns 1997 (Mercury Islands tusked weta)
Carabidae (ground or carab beetles)—
Mecodema laeviceps Broun 1904 (Ida Valley carabid beetle)
Megadromus speciosis Johns 2007 (Eastern Sounds ground beetle)
Cerambycidae (longhorn beetles)—
Xylotoles costatus Pascoe 1875 (Pitt Island longhorn beetle)
Curculionidae (weevils)—
Anagotus fairburni Brookes 1932 (flax weevil)
Anagotus stephenensis Kuschel 1982 (Stephens Island weevil)
Anagotus turbotti (Spiller 1942) (Turbott’s weevil)
Hadramphus spinipennis Broun 1911 (coxella weevil)
Hadramphus stilbocarpae Kuschel 1971 (knobbled weevil)
Hadramphus tuberculatus (Pascoe 1877) (Canterbury knobbled weevil)
Heterexis seticostatus Brookes 1951 (Campbell Island ribbed weevil)
Lyperobius huttoni Pascoe 1876 (speargrass weevil)
Lyperobius nesidiotes Kuschel 1987 (Broughton Island weevil)
Megacolabus sculpturatus Broun 1893 (Akaroa weevil)
Nothaldonis peacei Broun 1880 (Peace’s weevil)
Oclandius laeviusculus Broun 1902
Elateridae (click beetles)—
Amychus candezei Pascoe 1876 (Chatham Islands click beetle)
Amychus granulatus Broun 1886 (Cook Strait click beetle)
Lucanidae (stag beetles)—
all species
Scarabaeidae (scarab beetles)—
Prodontria bicolorata Given 1964 (Alexandra chafer beetle)
Prodontria lewisii Broun 1904 (Cromwell chafer beetle)
Araneae (spiders)—
Spelungula cavernicola Forster 1987 (Nelson cave spider)
Latrodectus atritus Urquhart 1890 (black katipo spider)
Latrodectus katipo Powell 1871 (red katipo spider)
Gastropoda (snails)—
Cytora hirsutissima (Powell 1951)
Cytora tepakiensis Gardner 1967
Paryphanta (kauri snails)—
all species
Placostylus (flax snails)—
all native New Zealand species
Powelliphanta (large land snails)—
all species
Rhytidarex buddlei (Powell 1948)

Schedule 7: amended, on 8 July 2010, by clause 3 of the Wildlife Order 2010 (SR 2010/159).