5 Certain wildlife partially protected
  • (1) The wildlife for the time being specified in Schedule 2 is hereby declared to be partially protected, and that protection shall apply throughout New Zealand, except where that schedule otherwise provides.

    (2) Notwithstanding anything to the contrary in this Act, when any injury or damage to any land or to any property on any land has arisen owing to the presence on the land of any wildlife for the time being specified in Schedule 2, the occupier of the land or any other person with the authority of the occupier may hunt or kill on the land any such wildlife, subject to any regulations for the time being in force under this Act:

    provided that nothing in this subsection shall authorise the hunting or killing of any wildlife in a wildlife sanctuary or wildlife refuge except pursuant to an authority granted under section 11 or section 14 or section 54.

    Compare: 1921–22 No 57 s 4(1)