19A Game bird habitat stamp
  • (1) In any notification of an open season given under section 15, the Minister may require that a game bird habitat stamp be affixed to every licence to hunt or kill game.

    (2) A game bird habitat stamp shall—

    • (a) be in a form—

      • (i) approved by the Minister on the recommendation of the New Zealand Fish and Game Council made after having regard to the views expressed by Fish and Game Councils and the New Zealand Game Bird Habitat Trust Board; and

      • (ii) published in the Gazette; and

    • (b) if the stamp is being obtained for the purpose of affixing it to a licence to hunt or kill game, be obtained at the same time as the licence is obtained.

    (3) The prescribed fee shall be payable in respect of every game bird habitat stamp supplied in respect of a licence to hunt or kill game.

    Section 19A: inserted, on 17 May 1993, by section 3 of the Wildlife Amendment Act 1993 (1993 No 39).