44E Powers of Board
  • (1) Without limiting the generality of section 44C, the Board shall have all such powers as may be reasonably necessary or expedient to enable it to carry out its functions.

    (2) Without limiting the generality of subsection (1), the Board may—

    • (a) establish committees of members and other suitable persons, and delegate to them such functions as may be specified in regulations made under section 72:

    • (b) advocate the interests of the Board at any public forum or in any statutory planning process:

    • (c) fund the production of game bird habitat stamps and associated products:

    • (d) impose such conditions and requirements on the use of its funds as it considers appropriate to ensure that the programme for which the funds have been granted has ongoing and long term benefits primarily for game bird habitat and secondarily for other wildlife habitat.

    (3) In exercising its powers and functions the Board shall have regard to any views expressed in writing by the Minister and addressed to the Board.

    (4) The Board shall not release its annual report for public information until it has furnished the report to the Minister in accordance with section 44K.

    (5) The power conferred by subsection (2)(b) shall include the right to appear before courts and tribunals in New Zealand and be heard on matters affecting or relating to the Board's functions.

    Section 44E: inserted, on 17 May 1993, by section 4 of the Wildlife Amendment Act 1993 (1993 No 39).