58 Homing pigeons
  • (1) Every person commits an offence against this Act and is liable on conviction to the penalty set out in section 67F(1) who—

    • (a) intentionally shoots at, kills, disables, or otherwise injures, or ensnares, or detains any homing pigeon belonging to any other person; or

    • (b) without lawful authority disturbs, opens, or in any way tampers with any cage or other receptacle while that cage or receptacle is being used for the carriage of homing pigeons.

    (2) Every person who does anything mentioned in subsection (1) shall be liable to pay to the owner of the pigeon the value thereof, and the court before which any prosecution under this section takes place may, in addition to any fine imposed, direct payment by the defendant to the owner of that value or any part thereof. Any amount so directed to be paid to the owner may be recovered from the defendant in the same manner as any fine and shall, when recovered, be paid to the owner.

    (3) No person shall be liable to a fine or other payment under this section unless the owner of the pigeon has been registered as owner thereof with the secretary of the New Zealand Homing Pigeon Federation.

    Compare: 1921–22 No 57 s 37

    Section 58(1): replaced, on 21 October 1959, by section 10(1) of the Wildlife Amendment Act 1959 (1959 No 49).

    Section 58(1): amended, on 15 October 2000, by section 8 of the Wildlife (Penalties and Related Matters) Amendment Act 2000 (2000 No 43).

    Section 58(3): amended, on 21 October 1959, by section 10(2) of the Wildlife Amendment Act 1959 (1959 No 49).