67H Offenders also liable for loss or damage
  • (1) A person convicted of an offence against this Act is liable, in addition to the penalty for the offence, for any loss or damage or expenses arising from or caused by the act constituting the offence.

    (2) The amount payable under subsection (1) in respect of the loss, damage, or expense may be awarded by the court in fixing the penalty and may be recovered as a fine.

    (3) In assessing any amount payable under subsection (1), the court—

    • (a) may take into account salaries, wages, and incidental expenses incurred in the investigation of the act constituting the offence or in remedying the loss or damage caused by the act; and

    • (b) must take into account all other relevant factors.

    Section 67H: inserted, on 15 October 2000, by section 6 of the Wildlife (Penalties and Related Matters) Amendment Act 2000 (2000 No 43).