71A Control of dogs
  • (1) Nothing in this Act derogates from the provisions of Part 5C of the Conservation Act 1987, which provides for the control of dogs and which, subject to section 26ZT(e) of that Act, authorises the declaration as either a controlled dog area or an open dog area of any part or parts of any land managed and administered under this Act by the Minister of Conservation or the Department of Conservation.

    (2) Section 26ZT(e) of the Conservation Act 1987 provides that an open dog area may not include any part of any area declared under section 9 to be a wildlife sanctuary or declared under section 14 to be a wildlife refuge or declared under section 14A to be a wildlife management reserve.

    Section 71A: inserted, on 2 May 1996, by section 8 of the Conservation Amendment Act (No 2) 1996 (1996 No 14).