Patents Act 1953

  • repealed
  • Patents Act 1953: repealed, on 24 February 2017, by section 7(1) of the Patents (Trans-Tasman Patent Attorneys and Other Matters) Amendment Act 2016 (2016 No 89).
114 Regulations


Subject to the provisions of this Act, the Governor-General may from time to time, by Order in Council, make all such regulations as may in his opinion be necessary or expedient for giving effect to the provisions of this Act and for the due administration thereof.


Without limiting the general power conferred by subsection (1), it is hereby declared that regulations may be made under this section for all or any of the following purposes:


for regulating the business of the Patent Office in relation to patents:


for regulating all matters by this Act placed under the direction or control of the Commissioner:


for prescribing the form and manner of execution of applications for patents and of any specifications, drawings, or other documents which may be filed at the Patent Office, and for requiring copies to be furnished of any such documents:


for regulating the procedure to be followed in connection with any application or request to the Commissioner or in connection with any proceeding before the Commissioner and for authorising the rectification of irregularities of procedure:


for regulating the keeping of the register of patent attorneys:


for regulating the registration of patent attorneys, and for prescribing the terms and conditions of their registration:


for regulating the procedure for removing the names of patent attorneys from the register of patent attorneys and for suspending patent attorneys from practice before the Patent Office:


prescribing classes of persons whom the Commissioner may refuse to recognise as agents in respect of proceedings under this Act:


for authorising the preparation, publication, sale, and exchange of copies of specifications, drawings, and other documents in the Patent Office and of indexes to and abridgments of them:


for prescribing the mode of advertising any matter which by this Act is required to be advertised:


for prescribing anything authorised or required by this Act to be prescribed by regulations:


for the carrying out, or giving effect to, New Zealand’s obligations under the Patent Cooperation Treaty.



Compare: 1921–22 No 18, s 138; Patents Act 1949 s 94 (UK)

Section 114(2)(l): inserted, on 1 December 1992, by section 9 of the Patents Amendment Act 1992 (1992 No 81).

Section 114(3): repealed, on 19 December 1989, by section 11 of the Regulations (Disallowance) Act 1989 (1989 No 143).