Health Act 1956

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Review of NCSP and duty of Director-General to report

112O Establishment of NCSP review committee
  • (1) The Minister may from time to time, and must at least once every 3 years, establish a review committee of up to 3 persons to review—

    • (a) the operation of the NCSP; and

    • (b) evaluation activities of the kind described in section 112T that have been carried out or are proposed to be carried out.

    (2) The focus of a review committee must be the continuous quality improvement of components of the NCSP, with a view to reducing the incidence and mortality rates of cervical cancer.

    (3) No person appointed to a review committee may be—

    • (a) a member of Parliament; or

    • (b) an officer or employee of the Ministry of Health; or

    • (c) a person who is, or has been, designated under section 112U as a screening programme evaluator; or

    • (d) a person who would have a material conflict of interest if appointed.

    (4) In order to facilitate the review being carried out in a timely and efficient manner, the Minister must appoint persons who collectively have an appropriate balance of skills and knowledge, including knowledge of cervical screening.

    (5) The Minister may appoint persons to the review committee—

    • (a) on terms and conditions as to remuneration and other benefits that are in accordance with the appropriate fees framework determined by the Government for statutory and other bodies; and

    • (b) on any other terms and conditions that the Minister considers appropriate.

    Part 4A (comprising sections 112A to 112ZP) was inserted, as from 7 March 2005, by section 4 Health (National Cervical Screening Programme) Amendment Act 2004 (2004 No 3). See section 2(1) of that Act as to section 112C of this Act coming into force as from 1 July 2004. See sections 6 and 7 of that Act for transitional provisions relating to the National Cervical Screening Programme.