4 Evidence of appointment of trustees
  • (1) For the purpose of preserving evidence of every appointment of new trustees to which section 3 applies and of the persons in whom any estate or interest in property from time to time becomes legally vested, every such appointment shall be made to appear by a memorandum under the hand of the chairman for the time being of the meeting at which the appointment was made, and shall be executed either in the presence of that meeting or at any time after that meeting, and attested by 2 or more witnesses.

    (2) Any such memorandum may be in the form or to the effect of Schedule 1, or as near thereto as circumstances will allow, and may be given and shall be received as evidence in all courts and proceedings in the same manner and on the like proof as deeds, and shall be evidence of the truth of the several matters therein stated.

    (3) Every memorandum made under this section of an appointment of new trustees shall, if it affects land under the Land Transfer Act 1952, be filed in a Land Registry Office; and, as regards land in any land registration district, the appointment shall not have any operative effect until after the filing in the Land Registry Office of that district of the memorandum or of a copy thereof certified by the District Land Registrar in whose office the memorandum has been filed.

    Compare: 1908 No 164 s 3